Serially December 2022, the new free tv series

Serially December 2022, all the new releases of the last month of the year of the totally free Italian TV series channel.

Parties, dinners, decorations, gifts: the most magical month of the year has arrived and under the Christmas tree Serially there are, of course, new TV series! The platform, the first completely free Italian TV series streaming, adds two more new contents and the return of a hit from last year to its catalog, to offer its users moments of relaxation during the Christmas holidays. Before launching into the December programming, we advise you to catch up on Serially, the all-Italian horror TV series 3.33 release in October.


The two novelties are the crime series The City and The City and the second part of the Korean political fiction crime The Devil Judge. The welcome return, however, is for the dark comedy series 12 Deadly Days.

We remind you that Serially is the entirely Italian and entirely free TV series platform with excellent international productions. The TV series are subtitled and dubbed by professional actors.


Available from Tuesday 6 December

The city and the ciry series directed by Tom Shankland and written by the famous British screenwriter Tony Grisoni. A four-episode crime drama following Inspector Borlú, (played by David Morrissey, the terrible ‘Governor’ in The Walking Dead). Borlù is part of the Extreme Crime Squad investigating a brutal murder of a girl, whose body is found on the streets of the city-state Besźel. It seems to be just a case like any other, until the inspector discovers that the murdered girl had recently visited Ul Qoma. Ul Qoma is the impassable twin city of Besźel, whose borders are guarded by the powerful and terrifying Breach. Forced to breach the severe invisible barrier between the two cities, which coexist in the same space but are inaccessible by law to each other, Borlú must solve the most twisted and dangerous case of his career, especially as he quickly realizes that there is a direct link between him and the dark crimes.

The TV series is based on the 2009 novel by the British writer China Miéville.

The cast: David Morrissey, Mandeep Dhillon, Lara Pulver, Ron Cook.


Available one episode per day, released at midnight, from December 12 to 23, 2022

After last year’s success that kept users hooked day after day, this year too Serially will bring back 12 Deadly Days. The dark comedy series consists of 12 interconnected stories set in the small town of Saturn, California. The Christmas holidays for the inhabitants of Saturn are the most dangerous time of the year. The townspeople hire the Cratchit Brothers, a pair of brothers who specialize in mysteries and the supernatural, to investigate the paranormal phenomena that scare the town. Facing vampires and curses, elves and toys that come to life, the Cratchit brothers must solve the situation before Christmas and stop what is wreaking havoc in the city.

Cast: Tom Lenk, Sean Gunn, Betty Gabriel, Kaitlin Doubleday. It also hosts some of the most famous American YouTubers. Burnie Burns, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Brittany Furlan, Tre Melvin, Mikey Murphy, Eric Ochoa, Nikki Limo, Troy Pindell, Meghan Rienks, Jake Roper, Alexis Zall.


Second part available from Thursday 22 December

The last 8 episodes of the first season of The Devil Judge will close the month, thus concluding the compelling Korean series already available on Serially. A political fiction crime with thriller nuances, set in a gloomy Seoul deeply in crisis, after a long and mysterious pandemic that lasted two years. In a dystopian future, Kang Yo-han, a ruthless judge is the star of a reality show where trials are made spectacular and shown live to the population, who are invited to decide the fate of the defendants. Jung Sun Ah, the judge’s assistant, however, does not accept her methods and tries to discover the truth behind her brutal choices…

The cast: Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Park Gyu-young, Park Jin-young.

Serially December 2022, the new free tv series