State of the West | Traveling through Sinaloa with an invoice

Without a doubt, the new boardwalk in Sinaloa de Leyva is a blessing for the area. Its suspension bridges, its boat rides, its old buildings, the beauty of its mountains, the warmth of its people, and even its hostess, the macaw, give Sinaloa de Leyva the vocation to be a stately town tourist destination, with a fondness for history, the legends of the colony, evangelization and the revolution.

Without fear of being wrong, I can assure you that wherever you go in our state, the food will be delicious. I have repeated it ad nauseam: we have very good cuisine and excellent ingredients, but the experience of service, that is, the experience of visiting where you live, completes a product that is not only food, but also service, spaces, decoration, atmosphere. , table rituals and other details that can fill you with satisfaction, at that level we continue to aspire to more.

Although many of the proposals in the towns are legitimate efforts, where people give their hearts, even so for an expectation of tourism, we have some shortcomings and that is that if you are not in Mazatlan (or close to) you will hardly have access to training, credits or support to promote your little ranch, today Mexico has a great opportunity in tourism, the phenomenon of traveling post-pandemic and the search for spaces at a good price and with services to escape the European winter and others of its war, generate before the world to country as a destination expectation, but in Sinaloa we do not have enough products to sell or satisfy the expectation of tourism that is going to flee from the European winter, because everything will be fine until you ask for a service that is out of the ordinary and that today they are very necessary , for example difficult an invoice, a card payment, variety of gastronomic offer and others.

In Sinaloa de Leyva there are 2 hotels that give a good stay, the most beautiful is my 3 Sinaloas, but at the outset the cashier tells us, “I don’t have a card to pay and the bill would be left after 3 days”, which they tell you by the regular ones that are going to make you suffer for your bill. The strange thing is that the restaurant that belongs to the same owner and is very good, “El Malecón”, in this one they give you very good service, you pay with a card and you take your bill at the same time, why don’t they reply?

Another good restaurant, with some service details and delivery times for dishes, is “La Campiña”. Beautiful, its decoration is a Provencal palace, with black trim, no doubt decorated by a princess. It has a huge patio where you can have a beautiful wedding or event, very good taste in this place, its black clay tableware is a luxury that few restaurants in town can offer and obviously it enriches the experience. The delicious food, the barbecue from the Sierra de Sinaloa is different from the one from the coast, it is a stew of cooked and fried beef steak with potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, onions and tomatoes, accompanied with beans and cheese, it does not have broth or vegetable. Machaca is delicious in Sinaloa de Leyva. Despite being in the mountains, its gastronomic proposal is based on a lot of seafood that they bring from Guasave. This includes cauques from their river and wow, it is certainly very tasty and of good quality. Other proposals are the birrias and the head in the morning, at night you can find Sinaloa-style dinners, like the one on the boardwalk in front of the letters: toast, flutes, gorditas, these yes, with broth and vegetables. The strange thing was that we did not find carne asada tacos.

But since I couldn’t stand the craving, I had to go back through “Guamúchil de infante” to go to the Fili tacos and believe me, there is nothing more comforting than the voice of Chaparro Rojo, giving you a loud welcome, as if you were a brother who he has not seen for years, with that affection and that attention, with a commanding voice but with a sense of motivation for his team. El chapo Rojo coordinates the actions in the service, everything is fast, tasty, well served, freshly made, pork, beef, tripe, marinated, which you can combine in tacos, quesadillas, vampires or orders, the heaven of a good fat man from Sinaloa, With a lot of affection and kindness, I don’t know if El Chapo is the owner, the manager, the person in charge or the one who collects the dishes, but I do know that he is a leader with a noble heart, a strong but kind voice, that’s how the hell he should be the Sinaloan style of service, frank, transparent, that is the model we must have, we Sinaloans are not servile, we are helpful, we have the happiness and the bad habit of treating the ganta as an equal, as if she were your brother or your family , the chapo of the tacos el Fili made me forget some bad moments of my reasons that happened on my trip and makes me reflect on the challenge that Sinaloa is, to potentiate itself as a tourist and gastronomic destination, all the weaknesses that make us stop and the great virtues of his gene not only be an example in food production, but also this will make us, with some help, one day become a good tourist destination.

Good table, good company.

Greetings to my Chaparro Rojo and Cota, an excellent expedition companion.

State of the West | Traveling through Sinaloa with an invoice