Stephenie Meyer, the must

Stephenie Meyer it certainly needs no introduction. In fact, she has become one in a short time American writer among the most famous thanks to Twilight saga. How many books has Stephenie Meyer written? There are those who believe that the writer has given to the press only i four novels of the saga. This is not the case at all, in fact many others have written fantasy novels really deserving and some thriller of great depth. Let’s go together to discover his most beautiful publications, books that undoubtedly deserve to enter the libraries of all of us.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Undisputed protagonist of what is undoubtedly the book by Stephenie Meyer most famous is thelove, the one with a capital A, the one in its purest forma love that is born in the little one town of Forks between vampire Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan, which everyone simply calls Bella. A little curiosity. Not everyone knows, but the idea for the realization of this lucky novel it came to the writer’s mind thanks to a dream. She was there night of June 2, 2003a dream that, we can say without any hesitation, has changed Stephenie Meyer’s life forever.



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The other books in the Twilight saga: New Moon, Eclipse And breaking Dawn

How many books are there in the Twilight saga? And in what order to read the Twilight books? In all, the books of the saga are four. After Twilight we find in fact New Moon, Eclipse, breaking Dawn. This is precisely the order in which the books are to be read.

New moon


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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer it has a stormy start to say the least. There Edward’s family in fact he decides to leave the city and the love story between the two ends suddenly. Bella lives a period of great sadness and depression. She tries to find normality infriendship with Jacobrival in love of Edward from the beginning of the saga. L’image of Edward however he does not abandon it. Furthermore, a series of murders and the appearance of strange creatures can only bring with them new troubles. In Eclipse Edward and Bella are together again. Bella has grown up, more mature than she once was, determined to become a Cullento become a vampirea transformation that will continue to clamor for even in breaking Dawna decision that will lead her to become what it always should have been.



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It is undoubtedly important to remember that i Stephenie Meyer’s novels of the Twilight saga they got a success globally nothing short of incredible thanks to the film adaptationmade flawless by Kristen Stewart as Bella e Robert Pattinson instead of Edward.

Breaking Dawn


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The guest by Stephenie Meyer

In The guest Stephenie Meyer abandons the vampire theme to devote herself to aliens. Melanie is a ‘terrestrial host. Wanda is it alien spirit living in her. They both feel like gods pawns in that merciless war for the possession of the planet in which they are ensnared. They should, it is true, feel hatred towards each other, but they cannot. They fail because they feel connected after allbecause they feel they share emotions and feelings. It is precisely because of this sharing, of this bond, that yes both fall in love with Jared. And it is thanks to love that the two they begin to collaborate, with hope in their hearts.

The host – L’ospite (VINTAGE)

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

More than a decade after the publication of the last chapter of the Twilight saga, Stephenie Meyer returns to the bookstore with a novel that allows all fans of the saga of retrace once again the stages of the love story between Edward and Bella. True, it is the same love storyof that intense and tormented story also all those who have read Twilight they know more than well. In Midnight Sun however this love story is told from a different point of view, from indeed Edward’s perspective. Thanks to the pages of this novel the reader also has the opportunity to delve deeper into Edward’s gloomy soul and to discover many more details about its past, its history.

Midnight sun


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The chemist. The specialist by Stephenie Meyer

Between novels to read absolutely of Stephenie Meyeralso The Chemist. The protagonist of this novel is one woman who works for a secret agency of the United States government. He becomes aware of ainformation he should never have discovered and her former bosses decide it’s time for her to die. Forced to change life, identity and home constantly, she finds herself completely alone in the world. She is offered to save yourself in exchange for one last job. Accept this tempting offer, but just as he is about to face one of the most difficult challenges of his life, here he falls in love. Because of this love and of passion intense that he feels, his probability of surviving decrease dramatically. Ingenuity and cunning, this is what the specialist must bring into play to succeed protect herself, the man she is in love with, her life.

The chemist. The specialist


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Stephenie Meyer, the must-read books