Stories (in) Series, Vampires over time: from Dracula to What we do in The Shadows

It is to the dark figure of the vampire that the third appointment of Storie (in) Serie is dedicated, the event that tells the protagonists of the narratives in their transmedia existence. Wednesday 9 November in the Apulian Regional Mediatheque in Bari, starting at 5 pm (free admission), the most famous undead in literature will be told by the researcher of Cinema and Media of the University of L’Aquila Mirko Lino and the artistic director of the Carlotta event Susca.

From Greek and Eastern European folklore to the success of Victorian fiction, the vampire was able to move from horror stories to comic parodies and television serial irony. The appointment of November 9 will therefore be a passionate tribute to one of the most powerful characters in world literature, who has found new life thanks to the Dracula film signed by Francis Ford Coppola, to the pungent irony of the American series What We Do in the Shadows, the romantic Twilight saga or the comic transposition of fascinating vampires in Duckburg. There will be references to the great actors who have lent their faces – and their canines – to the well-known Count of Transylvania, with a jump also to the comic book transposition by Bonelli publisher and the recent film adaptation of Dampyr.

The new edition of Storie (in) Serie intends to trace a multicode path to deepen the mutations of these characters through cross-media. Four appointments to understand how narratives, both classic and contemporary, change, lose pieces or acquire extensions, taking root more and more in the collective imagination and above all traveling from the written page to the big screen, from television series to comics, from videogames to virtual reality .

Storie (in) Serie is produced by POOL, with the artistic direction of Carlotta Susca and the support of the Puglia Region, the Apulian Regional Mediateca, Apulia Film Commission, Puglia Digitale Library.
All meetings are free of charge and are held from 5.00 pm in the Apulian Regional Mediateca (Via Zanardelli 36, Bari).

With the last appointment on November 16, the field of analysis from the automaton topos widens: Susca, prof. Massimo Fusillo (University of L’Aquila) and Professor Stefania Rutigliano (University of Bari) will start from the Jewish imaginary of the Golem to reach the myths of science fiction robots. From cinematic expressionism to the desecration of comics, from the meta-science fiction of Rick and Morty to the dramatic story of Frankenstein, Stories (in) Serie will go as far as the digital rethinking of Love, Death & Robots and the now classic science fiction of Asimov.

Stories (in) Series, Vampires over time: from Dracula to What we do in The Shadows