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shopping on-line At present they are very common, eBay being one of the pioneering companies in the auction and electronic commerce of products through the Internet. This site was founded on September 3, 1995 and very curious offers have been made there, such as those detailed below:

$3 million per item in the Kennedy case. The window through which Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the US President John F. Kennedy It was sold for that price. It was a very fought auction, since it had 188 offers from all over the world.

$1.5 million for a soul. English singer Dante Knoxx put his used soul up for sale for this price. With that money he hoped to start a music band; His wish was cut short because no one offered a penny and also the sales company canceled the offer, for being contrary to the site’s directives.

$1 million for underwear from the king of pop. Two boxer briefs that belonged to michael jackson They were put up for auction on this site for that astronomical sum. These white Calvin Klein underwear had been seized as evidence in 2003, at the famous case of child sexual abuse that involved the singer.

$400,000 to travel the world. Australian Ian Usher offered his house, his car, his job and even his friends for this amount. With the money he bought an island in the Panamanian Caribbean for $60,000, plus he was able to travel all over the world.

$50,922 for a ghost. An Arkansas man sold a strange jar that he claimed had a ghost inside that terrified him. A person offered him the amount in question, although in the end the offeror did not comply with the payment and the sale was cancelled.

$28,000 for a holy sandwich. A Florida casino paid this amount to a woman who made a cheese sandwich that appeared to have the face of the Virgin Mary.

$10,000 for virginity. Cary’s Copestakes put her virginity up for sale, in order to pay for her college tuition. A businessman gave the young woman the money, although he did not demand any sexual retribution from her.

$1,209 for a dorito. Members of the Chadwick family in Salem (USA) opened a Doritos case and found one that resembled a papal miter. The sandwich was purchased by a Florida casino for display.

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$2,006 for a vampire slayer. A vendor in Oklahoma, USA, was initially asking $51,000 for a vampire-slaying kit, but ultimately had to settle for much less.

The kit consisted of a linden wood suitcase, the interior of which is lined with brown velvet, as well as a wooden hammer, four stakes, a prayer book, a crucifix, a knife, scissors, and eight vials containing Pamant (soil holy), holy water, anointing oil, holy incense, garlic, red serum, blue serum, and a secret potion, plus a wooden cross, and a syringe.

$135 per UFO detector. IntelBras, a Brazilian company, put up for sale this detector that supposedly emits a sound when it detects alien ships in the sky. (YO)

Ten Strange Items That Have Sold on eBay | Doctor Techno | Magazine