The Cure, eternal as vampires, reconquer Barcelona

Rosa Diaz

Barcelona, ​​10 Nov. Like vampires, The Cure are eternal, but they do not feed on blood, although Robert Smith’s lips may suggest it, but on hypnotic songs that have revived this Thursday at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, ​​in the first of the only two concerts in Spain of the tour.

Four decades after those distant eighties in which they performed for the first time in Barcelona, ​​The Cure have shown that they are capable of jumping from century to century without messing up their hair (although the truth is that Smith’s hair is no longer what it was) and, most importantly, adding new audiences.

With British punctuality, at nine o’clock at night the lights of the Palau Sant Jordi went out, the stage was filled with white smoke and their majesties The Cure, the kings of darkness, appeared in the shadows, on a black stage and austere.

Without paraphernalia to impede the view from the sides of the venue, The Cure has been able to fill it to its maximum capacity, with more than 17,000 people who have received the undisputed leader, Robert Smith, with raised arms and shouts of pleasure, who has arrived walking calmly, without the pretense that the mythical character (and a thousand times parodied) that he has become might have.

The first track was “Alone”, a new song that will probably appear on that long-announced future album that has yet to be released, which fans have been waiting for since the last one was released fourteen years ago.

There has been no opportunity to find out if the public liked the new song, because the emotion of the reunion has dominated these first minutes of the concert, but it must be said that the cries of satisfaction have increased in intensity when the following three have been played, the infallible and well known by viewers “Pictures of you”, “A night like this” and “Lovesong”, which have taken the unmistakable sound of The Cure to every corner of Sant Jordi.

A band that had its moment of creative glory in the eighties and nineties, but whose live glory is still as intact as the powerful voice of Robert Smith.

After “Loversong” another new composition has arrived, “And nothing is forever”, one of the five that have been released by drops on this tour and with which the band seems to want to say that the new album is now serious .

The public has received these advances well, but they have finally been reduced to warming up when “Forest” has been played, a great song that the public has accompanied with perfectly synchronized palms, while the giant screen tried to disturb them with sinister images of forests.

A screen that shortly before had shown the members of the band live, in what seemed like a romantic black and white, but which was later found to be in color, but there was no color on stage other than the black of the musicians’ clothes and the white of their faces, until the red lights have entered the scene.

After more than an hour and a half of concert, the kings of gothic darkness have left without saying goodbye, but nobody has been upset because it is known that The Cure’s concerts are very long and that implies some breaks.

The first batch of ‘encores’, if they can be called that when there are so many, has begun with another new song, “I can’t never say goodbye”, dedicated to Smith’s dead brother, whom he could not say goodbye to, according to said, and three songs later the band has left the stage again.

This second time they haven’t been too hard either and, a few minutes later, they have returned to face a frantic final stretch, in which there has been no time to stop dancing.

The first pearl has been “Lullaby”, which half of Palau has immortalized with his mobile, and then they have followed “The walk”, “Friday I’m in love”, “Doing the unstuck”, “Close to me”, “Inbetween days”, “Boys don’t cry” and “Just like heaven”, with which the public has touched the sky.

The Cure, eternal as vampires, reconquer Barcelona