The “Juan Escutia” Syndrome

Particularly in this federal administration, the authorities have stood out worldwide, due to the lack of results; by the stubborn inclination to implement a continental axis for socialist populism; by the insistent foolishness of imposing the belief that by impoverishing everyone, everyone will live better because -as the ephebe filio points out- “everyone will be screwed and thus, no one will envy anyone”.
Against all logic, everything indicates that the purpose consists of the clumsy strategy of “taking money from the rich, so that the poor get out of their poverty” Nothing is more false and chimerical than that kind of “Chuck el Roto Syndrome”, mythical character of Mexican historiography who stole money from the rich to give it to the poor, in a simile of Robin Hood, but in the Mexica way.
Some observers of national behavior point out that, due to this set of symptoms, ordinary Mexicans are waiting for their “chucho el roto” to appear so that they can deliver a bag of gold coins and problems will be solved forever. .

With this panorama, it is inevitable to cite the deep and brainy thought of the outstanding philosopher and social anthropologist, Mr. Chava Flores in his brilliant doctoral research where he stated: “What do you throw when you dream of being Mexican. Leave the treasure that Cuauhtémoc went to bury. Better work and ‘get up’ early; with dreams of opium it is not even convenient to dream”
And later, in his master dissertation, he maintains: “You dream that a fairy… that you no longer owe anything… the house is paid for… you no longer have to work!”
It has been this belief and the rituals that accompany it, which, in the opinion of the amanuensis, generates an enormous culture of dependency; of “waiting” for things to happen instead of making things happen.

In this axiological context, a generalized thought prevails: Wait for a hero like Black Shadow, El Santo or Blue Demon to emerge, who claims to come and save Mexico from all the interplanetary enemies that threaten it, and then immolate himself as a sixties bonzo or as in his time the witty cadet Juan Escutia did.
It is understandable then, that the caudillo’s popularity increases in all the polls and the respectable one falls with applause.

Under this nationalist masquerade, anything that represents a block or a hindrance for the charismatic leader, can be considered a traitor to the country -remember that the proto-man embodies the country- and his enemies or adversaries, under any denomination, will be sent to the Gehenna or eternal fire.
In this aspect, the hypocritical priests; fifi businessmen -except Don Carlos-; the corrupt neoliberal employers, and the members of the Conservatism Club, are automatically persecuted like evil dogs; Just like what happens between the legendary men of the pancratium against the vampire women, against the monsters or against the aliens who want to destroy the planet, including the forest reserve where the Mayan Train will emerge.
Caja china or with the model of federal public administration, entitled “I’m going straight and I’m not taking off”, the Tabasco was launched hard against the trade agreement with the United States and Canada. Therefore, the best response was the depth of content and diplomatic narrative inherited from the master Chico Che.

There is no doubt, something interesting can happen on September 16. First scenario, the president lies to the TMEC, Biden and Trudeau and will not go beyond capturing easy and demagogic applause. Second possibility: Like Luther, he publicly burns “the bull” where Mexico’s commitments to other countries were signed, and then yes, what will come will be much more complicated for millions of Mexican families; or, in a third way, we will have to start learning Mandarin from preschool, because we Mexicans will sign a Treaty with China, Korea and Turkey, as the best evidence that both communist parties are the best evidence of economic success for the world.
Coming? Please, do not miss the next chapter of this telenovela that seems to be produced by Epigmenio Ibarra.

The “Juan Escutia” Syndrome – The Herald of León