The Las Naves Sustainable Festival closes with a day dedicated to solutions to face the climate crisis

Las Naves celebrated this Sunday, November 20, the third and last day of the I Sustainable Festival, an initiative of Missió Climàtica València 2030. Relaxed days spread over three dates to raise awareness of sustainable and innovative lifestyles.

During the round table “Rethinking public spaces to make them more resilient in the face of the climate crisis”, moderated by Omayra Vidal, from the Tornem association, nature-based solutions were explored to revalue and enhance the city’s green spaces.

The environmentalist María Sánchez has spoken of the importance of the benefits of natural spaces close to cities, as is the case of the Albufera, the orchard, the Turia river or the wetlands, “which are the great CO₂ sequesterers of the planet “, has said. “All these ecosystems have a function and affect us”, pointed out the environmentalist.

For her part, Francisca Hipólito, a technician from the European GrowGreen project, from Las Naves, has commented on some examples of actions and pilot projects that have been launched in the city of Valencia, for example, through the creation of gardens that serve to absorb water from heavy rains, or with green roofs that generate stable temperatures in buildings to make them more livable and sustainable, among others. “Some solutions that we have to incorporate to adapt to climate change and to make it friendlier for people”, she stated.

Finally, Marta García from Grupo Aranea has explained the process of creating the Pla Verd i de la Biodiversitat de València. An urban strategy to guarantee that in 2050 all the neighborhoods of the city have green spaces, through the creation of “preferential renaturation areas that provide quality green spaces and close to the entire neighbourhood”, she commented García.

The music has been provided by Miss Yuls DJ and Reina Roja, the musical project of the singer María Briones and the producer and percussionist Rafa Villalba with his contemporary and mestizo flamenco-pop.

The children’s workshop “Energy Vampires” organized by the Observatori del Canvi Climàtic has allowed those who have participated to identify which electrical appliances we have at home that consume the most energy. A gastronomic area and a sustainable market have completed the offer.

Missions Valencia 2030

The Las Naves innovation center and the Delegation of Innovation and Knowledge of the Valencia City Council are responsible for Missions València 2030, an innovation governance model based on missions that improve people’s lives. This governance model brings together the entire innovation ecosystem, without excluding anyone, because the missions of a city, a country or the whole of Europe are achieved from diversity and with the sum of all the parts, of all the talent and from all sources of knowledge.

Currently, Valencia is working on the Missió Climàtica València 2030, with the aim of turning Valencia into a climate-neutral city. In addition, the city is already part of the 100 cities that the European Commission has selected within the mission “smart and climate neutral cities”.

The Las Naves Sustainable Festival closes with a day dedicated to solutions to face the climate crisis