The most anticipated big PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo exclusive games of 2023

In addition to the special on the most anticipated multiplatform games of 2023, we could not fail to give the right space also to exclusives that will make the next 12 months of gaming special on PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, Xbox (and the Microsoft ecosystem in general). Between titles with a certain date and products that have a concrete chance to debut in the coming year, our list dedicated to the most desired exclusive games is the result of the work of noble teams, from which it is more than reasonable to expect wonders.

The big blockbusters on PlayStation

Even without considering possible future announcements, Sony’s 2023 already offers several excellent reasons to have a PS5. On February 22nd, to accompany the debut of PlayStation VR 2 we will indeed find Horizon: Call of the Mountainan unprecedented journey into the world of Aloy designed to flex the muscles of the gaming giant’s new headset.

In the role of Ryas, a former Carja of the Shadows in search of redemption, we will have to fight the fearsome machines that dominate the Earth, relate to the tribes and explore dreamy environments fraught with dangers: climbing the rocky walls, shooting with a bow and engage in long hunting sessions, these will be just some of the activities that will benefit from the total immersion guaranteed by PSVR 2 (here thepreview on Horizon Call of the Mountain).

At The Game Awards 2022 it was also announced Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, DLC of the acclaimed game by Guerrilla Games that will see us accompany Aloy in the exploration of a Los Angeles that has become the center of a fearsome volcanic archipelago. Hostile and gigantic machines will await us in this additional piece of the adventure, available exclusively for PS5 from April 19th. On June 22, 2023 the time will come Final Fantasy XVIthe role-playing action by Square Enix, who showed up at Geoff Keighley’s show with a spectacular trailer to say the least.

Strengthened by a graphic sector visibly designed to really exploit the hardware of the Sony console, among scenarios rich in details, colossal battles and world-class particle effects, Clive Rosfield’s deeds will be guided by a strong desire for revenge, generated following bitter events. On the playful front, the protagonist will be able to give orders to his faithful Torgal, his dog, capable of both attacking enemies and regenerating his master’s health. Among the many characters he will meet on his path, Clive will welcome some of them into the party, to dive with them into spectacular clashes, in the name of magic and rapid combinations of attacks.

We still don’t know much about the battles between Eikons, but it is certain that they will further embellish what appears to be an already rich playful offer, as we have exposed in thepreview of Final Fantasy XVI. While we wait to understand if Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will actually be released in 2023 – on the other hand the wording “winter” linked to the second part of the Remake project also includes the beginning of 2024 – the arrival in the next year of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Insomniac Games was among the first software houses ever to give us a next-gen show with Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart and with Spider-Man 2 it is preparing to amaze players again on the visual front. In a New York more realistic than ever, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will have to face powerful opponents, based on an evolved combat system that will give us the tools to survive Venom’s assaults. There is much more to discover about the new game dedicated to Wall Climbers and something tells us that his new appearance is not long away. To conclude the discussion on the PlayStation world, let’s move on to a couple of hypotheses that should not be underestimated.

The 2023 will be important for The Last of Us, between the release of the HBO series and the arrival of the remake on PC. Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog has declared that we will have news on the mysterious multiplayer title in the coming months: that the release of the rumored Factions 2 will take place during the year? We then come to the postcard of Bluepoint Games for Christmas greetingswhich depicts several “gifts” already opened such as Shadow of the Colossus and the remake of Demon’s Souls: we would not be surprised if the gift contained in the still sealed package were sent to us in 2023.

The return of Microsoft

It is certainly no secret that 2022 was a poor year for internal production for Microsoft but fortunately things are about to change and perceptibly. For starters, four-wheel enthusiasts will be able to whiz around the incredibly realistic circuits of the new Go Motorsportan experience designed to take the series through the doors of the next-gen.

In addition to a redesigned driving model and more credible vehicle physics management, the game will also show off Ray Tracing on the track (and on consoles), so as to make those car models characterized by a level of detail with few comparisons. To learn more, here thepreview on the next chapter of Forza Motorsportwhich will arrive in the spring of 2023.

Of a totally different kind is the Redfall by Arkane Austin, which will allow us to create slaughters of vampires alone or in cooperation. We are not talking about a title with a strong horrific component but, as confirmed by the developers, vampires of all sorts and abilities will infest the various areas of Redfall, now reduced to a shadow of the quiet town it was. Between sniper rifles, kinetic powers and the possibility of using stealth, the hunters of these bloodsucking abominations will have different ways to eliminate them, in fast-paced battles and the great freedom of action typical of Arkane games (think of the presence of various skill trees and weapon customization). According to insider Okami, the studio’s latest effort will be released at the end of March but at the moment we can only wait for further official communications to make sure. In this regard, even according to some statements by Aaron Greenberg, it is probable that Microsoft has organized a communication appointment for the beginning of 2023, which will certainly have a great protagonist: let’s talk about Starfielda title that Bethesda has defined as The Elder Scrolls with a space setting.

As with other great Bethesda-branded experiences, the choices made by the player character – as well as those made by NPCs in response to them – will be vital to the development of the quests. Together with the presence of a system for managing random encounters, the developers have confirmed that during our journey through the stars we will be able to return to the dear old Solar System, in order to complete missions on Mars and on Earth. If to this we add a generous customization of your own spaceship and the presence of over 1000 explorable planetswith their secrets and their cities, the reasons why RPG fans look forward to it become very clear.

Now that insiders have rediscovered the advantages of exclusive development, which in the case of Starfield is taking place with the support of the best Microsoft engineers, it is more than legitimate to assume that at the next event we will know the precise release date of the game. Surprisingly announced in 2019 and later shown with a first video of in-game sequences, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will lead us again in the shoes of Senua, in an adventure designed for the current generation of Xbox, built in Unreal Engine 5 and with a more multifaceted combat system.

Among other things, the work on the motion capture has been completed and hypothesizing a production debut by 2023 cannot be excluded. As far as Avowed, Fable, Everwild and the other titles signed by Xbox Game Studios are concerned, it is really difficult, given the scarcity of news, to make hypotheses: again, it will have to be Microsoft to shed some light on them.

Nintendo Switch: A diverse lineup

For confirmed Nintendo Switch exclusives due out in 2023 we have Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, a colorful spin-off adventure that will see us play the young Cereza, who will be accompanied by the faithful demon Cheshire. Releasing on March 17, this experience is designed not only to offer fans a unique interpretation of their favorite heroine but also to approach the tastes of players who are not familiar with fast-paced action.

Set for 12 May 2023 instead is the appointment with one of the most awaited works of recent years. Let’s talk about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which promises to be extremely ambitious both on the narrative and on the purely playful front. Strengthened by a level design characterized by a marked verticality, the game world will allow us to dive into the void from one of the numerous floating islands and to use a temporal rewind power useful for serving us the surrounding environment in an intelligent and multifaceted way.

Some official documents related to the development of Breath of the Wild, combined with the gameplay sequences of the sequel, make us hypothesize the presence of spectacular aerial clashes, with the ability to shoot arrows in mid-air. The brave Link will also return to use the hang glider, to reveal the secrets of a map that promises to be full of surprises.

In addition to the Platinum Games title and the highly anticipated sequel to Breath of the Wild, when Shigeru Miyamoto himself appeared on the Nintendo Direct virtual stage to announce Pikmin 4, Captain Olimar fans went into raptures. Unfortunately, in addition to the announcement teaser, nothing else has been revealed about the expected fourth chapter, which on the other hand will arrive at an unspecified moment in 2023.

The most anticipated big PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo exclusive games of 2023