The old school | Forza Italia’s plan to commission Meloni and take command of the coalition

The electoral victory of the center-right is perhaps within reach, at least according to all the polls. It could only be crippled by a possible bang of the Calenda-Renzi tandem and weakened, after the vote, by friendly fire. Giorgia Meloni is worried. In the meantime, because she realizes that she will have to manage an incandescent economic situation: she will have to write her first budget law in the midst of a storm and with the eyes of the world on her. And then, before starting this effort, you will have to do another kind of accounts: those of the government team. And the more her allies go down in the election results, the more they will be hungry for ministries.

Let’s forget about Matteo Salvini, voiced by the Brothers of Italy, who yesterday from Sicily made it known that he as prime minister (don’t laugh, please) will call the Minister of the Interior, who will obviously be one of his faithful, to find out how the fight is going. to crime and illegal immigration. A few hours earlier in Messina Matteo and Giorgia had embraced like old friends, who have never been and never will be. But the Northern League leader is at least comical and even tenderness, if we think of the precipice into which he fell compared to the apex of his moment of glory, before being devoured by the fickleness of the vampire voters. Silvio Berlusconi and Antonio Tajani, on the other hand, do not make us laugh, as they feel the earth collapsing under their feet, being overtaken by Calenda on the edge of 7%.

We will see where the Forza Italia bar will stop, but the Knight wants to assert the method of the small and medium parties of the first Republic, which extorted the Christian Democrats. The specialist was Bettino Craxi, whom Eugenio Scalfari in 1986 compared to the bandit of Radicofani Ghino di Tacco. Old school, which now Berlusconi wants to revive by becoming a shield of the European People’s Party and with the complicity of Manfred Weber, who is currently in Italy to bring water to the Berlusconi mill and to him. He is the president and leader of a European party that counts for nothing because he does not lead any important government, but is over-represented in Brussels: he holds the presidency of the European Commission and that of the European Parliament. And so he would like it to happen in Rome: to inflate the number of ministers of Berlusconi, who yesterday received the German in his maison and thanked him for what he is doing.

So the message that reached Meloni is loud and clear. And it is written straight, without allusions, in the editorial that the Giornale della real casa di Arcore entrusted to the discussed professor Marco Gervasoni (among other things, ironically, former president of the Craxi Foundation, when we say the alignment of the planets). Well, the title of the Berlusconian newspaper already makes us understand the fold: “Notice to the sovereignists of the post Merkel”. The thesis is that the era in which the Chancellery did not want any friends on its right is over, with the good result for Gervasoni of relegating the Popolari to the opposition in most of the countries of the European Union. Now with Weber, who looks to the right and to the Italian elections, the music has changed. Mrs. Meloni must be careful because this attention and protection is not free. “A government with this right – writes Gervasoni – risks being a pariah of the EU, like Hungary: it therefore needs the main party, the EPP, in Brussels to somehow guarantee, given that the executives led by exponents extraneous to political families The EU does not last long, as the story of Count I demonstrates ». Moral of the story: Forza Italia is very important, much more “than mere numerical power relationships might suggest”.

In short, dear Giorgia, stay on the bell. A threatening message written on the front page of the Berlusconi-owned newspaper, which hides a request that cannot be refused. Strong and representative ministries: Foreign Affairs for the vice president of the EPP Antonio Tajani; Defense for the atlantist Giorgio Mulè (current undersecretary); Justice for Annamaria Bernini (alternatively the presidency of the Senate, her old obsession). Let’s forget about the army of Italian undersecretaries who are already preparing the suit or suit for the ceremony at the Quirinale. Then there are the moderates of Maurizio Lupi and Lorenzo Cesa who met Weber and are part of the EPP in fact and by right. CL Lupi would like to return to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; he would also be satisfied with economic development. The president of the European People’s Party also rests his hand on them: «Friends close to the European People’s Party, Forza Italia, Noi moderati, UDC, can speak directly with me and with Ursula von der Leyen. Other center-right forces cannot offer this ». So vote for them.

The armchair of Palazzo Chigi, Giorgia Meloni, will have to sweat it. She hasn’t won yet and her friends already want her to be commissioner in Italy and Europe. But she is a tough girl, as she has shown in abundance, and she has foreseen her giant Guido Crosetto for her defense and the ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata for foreign affairs. The presidency of the Senate? Already promised to Ignazio La Russa. The economy will include one of those types who come from the Bank of Italy or the board of the ECB, more Draghian gentlemen than Draghi.

But for the new Ghino di Tacco, you can’t do your own thing. For the Cavaliere, the center-right will win because Forza Italia is part of it. Without it, it would be a democratic right, as there is in other countries, which would collect an important number of votes, but insufficient to govern. He guarantees the true, liberal, Christian, guarantist, pro-European center, that of the European People’s Party. Without it, Meloni would last the space of a morning. If she does not fold, she may not even be indicated to the head of state as prime minister. Prepare the fries that the show is just beginning.

The old school | Forza Italia’s plan to commission Meloni and take command of the coalition –