The Originals: 4 good reasons to watch the series on Prime

By Betty Ramez

– Published on May 04, 2022 at 11:00

As The Originals series arrives today on Prime Video, here are 4 good reasons to watch the series if you loved The Vampire Diaries.

It has now been several years since The Vampire Diaries left our small screens. However, the fans of the first hour have never forgotten iconic characters of this television show which clearly marked the whole a generation. Between Damon and StefanSalvatore, Elena Gilbert or Caroline Forbesit is above all the characters who have allowed this adaptation to win in popularity. At the time, the success was such that the CW decided to order a spin-off centered on the character of Klaus. Vampire hybrid, this villain charismatic so seduced the television viewers that it was almost impossible not to grant him his own series. And since The Originals arrives today on Prime Videohere are 4 good reasons to watch it if you loved it The Vampire Diaries.

A 5 star cast

If you had loved The Vampire Diariesyou already know the main characters of The Originals. Outraged Klausyou will be able to find Elijah, Rebekah or Hayley. And since these are now the hero of this brand new storyit is an opportunity to learn how to know them and discover new facets of their personality. Especially since the brothers represented the first line of vampires and so she is desire for thousands of years. We let you imagine the number of secrets that you still have to discover their past. And whether it’s Joseph Morgan or even of Phoebe Tonkinthe cast is very talented. No reason not to let you be charmed So !

Mature plots

There where The Vampire Diaries had this adolescent side since his characters were going to high school, The Originals is decidedly more mature. No more leaving such an important part to relationships in love. Quite the contrary! In this series carried by the character of Klausit is the action that is Queen and this is also what makes his strength. With intrigue more adults and one pace more intensewe discover storylines darker which offer a new flavor to this world that we know so well. The scenes of fights are also very impressive while reversals are clearly worth the glance. We tell you, it would be damage to pass by.

The family at the center of everything

If you loved the Michaelson family as soon as you got to know them in The Vampire Diariesyou will not be disappointed by The Originals. Because if low blows were already there the parent seriesthings are accelerating even more in the following. However, despite betrayals which follow one another, Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah or Kol are extremely welded. And if we attack one of them, we attack everyone else. And as much to tell you that this will give rise to brilliant scenes during which they will prove to us that family is the most sacred of all the links.

A very rich mythology

In the world of The Vampire Diariesfans were able to discover a true mythology in which vampires, witches and even werewolves. This is always the case in The Originals and icing on the cake, the universe expands and gets richer to offer us new myths which you are sure to like. Far from just surfing the vampiresthe spin-off goes further and offers more place to the witches too often neglected in series mother. Forget everything you already know because many secrets still have to be discovered and they are crispy.

The Originals: 4 good reasons to watch the series on Prime