The Top 10 for the week of August 29: “Me Time

This week, viewers caught up with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in Me Time – A weekend all to myself. The comedy was # 1 on the list of English-language films and is the most watched title of the week with 56.56 million viewing hours. The Summer of Love it may be running out, but love is still in the air: Love in the Villa – Fall in love in Verona debuted with 41.22 million viewing hours. Interpreted by Kat Graham and Tom Hopper, the film entered the Top 10 in 88 countries. Secrets come to light in I Came By, with Hugh Bonneville. This dark thriller clocked up 30.79 million viewing hours and entered the Top 10 in 89 countries. Fans threw themselves on the most beloved titles, including That’s Amor (17.42 million viewing hours), Parallel lines (11.78 million viewing hours), Day Shift – Hunting for vampires (9.45 million viewing hours), Another 365 days (9.07 million viewing hours), Purple Hearts (7.52 million viewing hours) e The Gray Man (6.26 million viewing hours).

After nine weeks, the Korean drama series Lawyer Woo continued to win over fans, peaking at the top of the non-English language TV chart with 48.82 million viewing hours. Among the other series returned to the charts, the Mexican drama Who plays with fire, with 44.05 million viewing hours; the K-drama Alchemy of Souls, with 27.2 million hours of viewing; the German thriller Kleowith 12.76 million hours of viewing and Turkish drama Another Self, with 8.4 million hours of viewing. The Polish drama series A family secretthe South African Ludik and the Belgian Under Fire they all entered the rankings with 10.25 million, 9.86 million and 8.62 million viewing hours respectively.

The twists and turns follow each other in Echoes, which topped the English language TV series with 36.58 million viewing hours. Things are not what they seem in the new cult thriller series The devil in Ohio: inspired by real events, the miniseries starring Emily Deschanel recorded 35.37 million viewing hours and was in the Top 10 in 52 countries. Viewers haven’t stopped dreaming with The Sandman, which totaled 33.32 million hours of viewing. The romantic comedy with a judicial background Partner Track was seen for 31.14 million hours and after fifteen weeks, Stranger Things 4 remained in the rankings with another 20.28 million viewing hours. The third season of the docuseries I Am A Killer debuted in the charts with 17.92 million viewing hours. The first and third seasons of Manifest they recorded 16.41 million and 11.93 million viewing hours respectively. The third season of I never… got 14.82 million viewing hours e Selling the OC continued to take viewers to the beach, which gave the series 13.67 million hours of viewing.

In the ranking of non-English films, the Danish thriller A faithful husband (29.94 million viewing hours) leads for the second consecutive week. Among the new entries are the Spanish thriller The jefa with 15.7 million hours of viewing, the Brazilian comedy Close by force with 9.41 million hours of viewing and French drama the coming year with 3.42 million hours of viewing. The Korean action-adventure film Seoul Vibe – The ultimate chase entertained viewers with 8.67 million hours of viewing, the Spanish documentary Luís Figo: the transfer that changed football was seen for 3.7 million hours, the Norwegian teen drama Royalteen for 3.04 million hours and the Italian comedy closed the ranking Otherwise we get angry with 2.58 million hours of viewing.

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The Top 10 for the week of August 29: “Me Time – A weekend of my own” is the most watched title and the “Echoes” series remains in first place