The TV Series of the Month: The Legend of Vox Machina

The Legend of Vox Machina is a fantasy genre animated television series whose first season was released in January 2022 and is currently available on Amazon Prime, the second season is scheduled to air on January 23 next year. The story is based on the first campaign of the Dungeons and Dragons themed web series Critical Role. This adult animated series was produced by Critical Role Productions, Titmouse, Inc. and Amazon Studios. The plot focuses on the vicissitudes of a group of mercenaries, heroes that perhaps no one expects, mainly interested in hanging around and drinking even the cheapest beer, just to get drunk and do nothing. However, each of them has peculiarities and unique characteristics that will serve them when the kingdom of Exandria to which they belong is threatened by dragons, necromancers and other terrible monsters. The various ramshackle members are like a family and act as a team that is not properly organized but still works and sometimes even the most ridiculous and bizarre gimmicks will be part of an idea to accomplish a great enterprise. The Vox Machina are Percival De Rolo, an excellent gunslinger with a dark and mysterious past that will come back to haunt him, the tiny Pike, the priestess of the group, who finds strength in his Goddess, “Always Clear” who gives him very strong powers including the healing of serious wounds and Scanlan the gnome, who is the amina of the group, an undoubtedly fascinating character for his sympathy and exuberance, who has the power with a simple snap of his fingers, to make a hand and a foot appear to his aid giants and who also has another weapon, the magic mandolin. There are also: Keyleth, a sylvan elf who has the powers of nature’s energy and other unexpected resources, Grog who is very strong and resistant being a half-giant, the classic type all muscles and no brains but with a heart of gold; finally there are the two half-elves, Vax skilled in opening locks and handling knives and his sister Vex, an expert archer, often leading the group, most often the source of good ideas for plans, the singular group also enjoys the company of a bear who mainly obeys Vex. There are many reasons why the series should be seen, the Graphic Novel style drawings are highly appreciable, the setting is fascinating and sublime, the vastness and intensity of colors enrich the fantasy fairy tale context; there are also exciting aspects concerning the characters, for example De Rolo’s gun on which the names of those who have betrayed his family appear as if it were a sort of surprising black list. I would also like to mention a nice little curtain, in which Scanlan manages to get the better of an enemy and using a funny play on words he will say triumphantly: “I’ve got you Scanlanfitto!” instead of “I defeated you!”. There would be more to say but I don’t want to take away the fun and surprise of seeing an exciting and engaging work, at the same time irreverent which, due to the abundance of contents it can offer, is so enormous as to make it to all intents and purposes, a spectacular masterpiece , critically acclaimed, in fact the well-known review site Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 100%. Suitable for lovers of medieval fantasy seasoned with dragons, witches, vampires, but also with beautiful scenery, sunsets, waterfalls, mountains, houses and castles typical of the context.

Francesco Stomeo

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The TV Series of the Month: The Legend of Vox Machina – Corriere Salentino Lecce