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2022 is in its final stretch and the launches of video game They’re pretty much over for this year. Although we won’t have any more, we can’t deny that they were 12 very good months for this medium with several quite memorable titles.

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It is possible that you have spent much of your time enjoying hours of exploration in Elden Ring or stopping Ragnarok. But there were also other excellent adventures that were not so well known by the public, so we took it upon ourselves to present a few to you. I hope you give them a chance.

Tunic is one of the best hidden video games of 2022

If you are a fan of The Legend of Zelda saga, then there are no reasons why you shouldn’t play tunic. It is a game that takes several elements from the renowned Nintendo franchise, but with a little fox as the main character. Not to mention an intriguing story that you have to decipher entirely on your own.

The Tunic map is very varied
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Despite not being a marvel at the graphic level, it has one of the most vibrant worlds of the year. As well as a good variety in its settings, bosses and enemies. Perhaps the best thing about Tunic is its excellent level design, since even though they don’t tell you anything, you know exactly what to do or where to go. Not to mention its soundtrack, which will surely catch you. Don’t stop giving one of the best video games of 2022 a chance.

Signalis, an excellent tribute to the survival horror of yesteryear

signalis It’s a game that went well under the radar for many, but it’s still an excellent survival horror title. Here we take control of a young woman named Elster in various dark futuristic settings. We will not talk much about the story since it is one of its strongest points and it is worth zeroing in on it.

Fans of early Silent Hill or Resident Evil video games will find a lot to love in Signalis. Since it is a full-fledged survival horror, where managing your resources will be of extreme importance. Of course it has a more solid and modern gameplay since it came out around this time.

Signalis is another hidden gem of 2022
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Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, you should give it a try, as it can be quite addictive. You won’t want to stop until you discover the big main mystery. In addition to the fact that, like a good survival horror, it becomes quite challenging and will make you think with several puzzles.

Evil West is one of the funniest video games of 2022

Now we have one of the craziest and funniest video games of 2022 with evil west. In it, players take control of a vampire-hunting cowboy in the Old West, who must stop an ancient vampire organization. Of course, with an arsenal that would make Van Helsing himself jealous.

The gameplay of Evil West is an entertaining amalgamation between Devil May Cry and the Nordic God of War. You will have to eliminate a good number of enemies with some pretty crazy combos and an increasingly crazy arsenal. You will have many options to experiment and face the huge hordes of creatures of darkness.

Evil West could be one of the surprises of November
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evil west It is one of those video games that are not to be taken seriously and that will give you several hours of fun. If you ever just feel like hitting something, this would be a really good option to hang out with. Not to mention, you could play it repeatedly to improve your combos and try new strategies.

Evil Dead: The Game, a game based on a movie that does it very well

Video games based on movies are usually something we run away from without a second thought. However, we consider that Evil Dead: The Game it does its source material justice and is a lot of fun while doing it.

Its gameplay is that of an asymmetrical multiplayer similar to Dead by Deadlight, but with an interesting twist. Since here the players do not have to flee from a single and powerful rival, but must face hordes of enemies. All of them sent by the player who takes the role of a dark lord.

evil dead the game
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For this alone it manages to stand out from other similar video games, but there are other factors that make it worth trying. Like the wide variety of weapons that you can find and that will remind you of iconic moments from the movies. As well as the characterization of the characters, which is very good and will make you have your favorite. If you have friends to play it with then the fun could be increased quite a bit.

River City Girls 2, another example that beat em up video games are resurfacing

The beat em up genre seems to be in full resurgence and what better example than video games like Shredder’s Revenge Y River City Girls 2. The latter came out recently and has not generated much traction, but it is one of the best representatives of the genre in recent years.

As in its predecessor, players will travel through the streets of River City dealing blows left and right. But this time there are six different playable characters, each with their own abilities and ways of handling themselves. Likewise, it has a combo system that will make you feel like a martial artist once the credits roll.

River City Girls 2 is another of the great video games that 2022 leaves us
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River City Girls 2 It is one of those video games that, although they are short by current standards, will make you come back for more. In addition, it is not only due to the gameplay, but also to its nostalgic aesthetics and its great soundtrack. If you want to try it, we assure you that you will not regret it.

These were some of the games of 2022 that we feel have flown under the radar, when they shouldn’t. Best of all, many of them are considerably cheap since they’ve been out for a while now. So if you wanted to give yourself a belated Christmas gift, any of these would be a great option. What other game did you guys play this year that you feel is not getting recognition?

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The video games you didn’t pay attention to in 2022 | EarthGamer