‘The Witcher: The Origin of Blood’ and why Avallach is the key to the miniseries

‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Who is Avallach?Netflix

‘The Witcher: The Origin of Blood’ It is a necessary miniseries, necessary for all those who felt, without games or novels, that the main fiction was throwing them into a world that was too complex. Without being based on any of Sapkowski’s works in particular, but with Sapkowski as a technical consultant, the prequel miniseries builds on the main elements of the main series. In it we will learn about the origin of the sorcerers, of Ciri’s blood and, especially, the conjunction of the spheres, the fact that led monsters, vampires and humans to a world dominated by elves.

With all that information we have more than enough to not get confused, and also to situate the complex lore of this universe in something more specific and relatable. However, in addition to putting eyes, face and facts to the origins of almost everything that matters in ‘The Witcher’, one would also have to wonder if there is any character that repeats. if in ‘The rings of power’ us We were wondering if Gandalf or Sauron would appearBeyond the well-known presence of Galadriel or Elrond, in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ we also have immortal elves who could jump from one series to another.

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To be honest, we know that the main connection between the two series is that of Eredin, the commander of the Wild Hunt we met at the end of ‘The Witcher’ season 2. But, since that is something that we already talked about at length in the conclusion of said season, we have to deal with something else. Avallach, or more correctly spelled Avallac’h, is a key character appearing in both the novels and the most famous of the games, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’. However, since these titles take place after the novels and with a free and non-canonical story, we are going to return to the series and the novels. Of course, the fans are not at all in agreement with the “change” between the two media, but this is being a constant in each casting election of the Netflix series.

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Who is Avallach in ‘The Witcher’?

Without going into spoilers for the miniseries, we will say that this is located even before the conjunction of the spheres, so we know Avallach in his most youthful stage, as an apprentice. Soon they place him, much to his regret, in search of the union between worlds. After the conjunction of the spheres we can already imagine what happens.

Although the Netflix adaptation is fleeing as best it can from the complexity of the books, we will say that Avallach is, according to the novels, an Aen Saevherne, that is, a wise elf, one with the ability of magic. After the conjunction of the spheres, Avallach is one of the few who knows how to travel between worlds, including that of the Aen Seidhe, the one we now know as the Continent, a world of elves dominated by humans and monsters, and that of the Aen Elle, the purest world of the elves where they only have one enemy, the unicorns (yes, seriously).

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Although Avallach’s power is not that of Ciri, he will be in charge of adopting that role of teacher in the powers of the possessor of the old blood that Geralt, a mere protector sorcerer, eludes. Is Avallach bad or good? It is not clear, although the role he plays with Ciri is positive, her intentions with her are never entirely clear, although her interest in preserving and, above all, protecting the Old Blood from the Wild Hunt is clear. . In the books he was about to marry Larra Dorren, the elf who eventually fell in love with a human and thus created the line of human elf blood that ends in Ciri.

Beyond the figure of a transformed Eredin as leader of the Wild Hunt, it will be Avallach, we will see how and when according to Netflix, the one that will have the most importance in the future of the world of ‘The Witcher’, and of Ciri and Geralt in particular. After the miniseries, we have no doubt that Avallach will soon appear in season 3 of ‘The Witcher’.

‘The Witcher: The Origin of Blood’ and why Avallach is the key to the miniseries