The ‘Zoon Politikon’ and party festivities

David A. Reza Crenshaw | 12/14/2022 | 00:12

Aristotle, one of the most relevant thinkers of Ancient Greece, in one of his most important approaches, expressed that man is a ζ?ον πολ?τ?κ?ν (zoon politikon), which means ‘Political Animal’.

This means that practically everything we do makes political sense. On a philosophical level, it means that any action carried out by the individual (the zoon), has consequences in the community (the polis)… but, on the less elevated and academic level of this column, we usually find amazing parallels between the actions everyday life and those individuals or groups that we pompously refer to as the ‘political class’.

But as the end of 2022 approaches, it is worth trying to carry out a more serious analysis of some situations that in themselves will affect Mexico and San Luis, in 2023, which is the prelude to the 2024 electoral process.

The fray has already begun and it only looks to become more aggressive (than non-violent). At all levels, the parties and their operators are already moving to strengthen themselves and it is not for less… in this election, practically everything is at stake: the Presidency of the Republic, the Senate, Federal Deputies, Local Congress and Municipal Presidencies, ( not to mention the governments of 9 entities of the country, including Mexico City, Jalisco and Veracruz, which have huge electorates).

Thus, at the federal level, if a party wins the presidency, its priority will also be to have a qualified majority (two thirds), in order to ensure any reform; Losers need to avoid those two-thirds, just to be relevant and avoid getting swept away the first time.

They say that democracy is a party, and then, considering that Everything is Political and from that point of view, we could visualize the parties that each of the parties, at a local level, probably have:

Thinking about Halloween, which although it already has many followers, unlike the current PAN, the latter has been filled with zombies and monsters, which currently inhabit the State and Municipal committees; And not to mention the vampires that took over the national and that little by little, have been leading it to a living death, from which only occasionally a pitiful moan is heard.

We also have the Day of the Dead and there, in a very Mexican way, we see the altar to the souls that have passed on to a better life… that is, the once almighty Tricolor (the PRI, not the monstrosities of the National Team). There in the solitary cemetery of Luis Donaldo Colosio, the number of deaths to remember has accumulated, even though now it has occurred to them that the mayor’s office be painted blood red, (forgetting, of course, that in reality they obtained it from the blue-and-white zombies, but little by little they have been released and discarded, as if they were souls in pain).

Another important party in the region is the Xantolo huasteco, which is now, without a doubt, the most fashionable party in San Luis Potosí… just like the Green Party and yes, with pachanga, typical music, everyone dressed up, dancing, fed up “chichiliques” for those who come to celebrate, equally in the Huasteca, the Media, the Altiplano and the Center, with the mayors entering the green party, promising to continue together forever and ever.

There is also the festival of San Juditas Tadeo and between street altars (because they no longer have offices), we see the PRD praying to the patron saint of impossible causes. The truth is, it does not seem that they are going to do the little miracle and well, the Aztec Sun from San Luis Potosí, rather goes to a rapid disappearance, with the last nail in his coffin, when they could not maintain the militancy of the third district.

For its part, next Christmas, the PT would do well to thank the old man with white hair for the gifts (that is, not Santa Clos, but AMLO), who has given them undeserved growth throughout the country; It will be necessary to see if the PT’s from Potosi and the goblin from Santoclós, have not thrown themselves into the hammock and take advantage, for their part, they manage to consolidate their party in the state.

Finally, there is the Rosca de Reyes and the Three Wise Men… only in MORENA, they are looking at 4 and one of them is a queen, although here in San Luis, it suddenly seems that they are “Gastar, Malechor and Basaltar”, In addition to being one of the states where the worst rated is its redeemer from the National Palace. The truth is, if the decision made by the Messiah from Tabasco fails to generate agreements, the atole is going to turn into a paste and the boy with the bagel can choke on them… not for nothing, two of the kings (Monreal and Ebrard ), they are already watching the Orange Spring Festival…

The ‘Zoon Politikon’ and party festivities