To save energy at home, follow at least one of these 10 tricks every day

Just follow at least one of these tricks every dayand you can save energy in the house as it should be, and without spending a penny!

Like this you will avoid the new dear bills on the way, due to the rise in gas prices and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

They are such easy tricks that you can start even today, and they won’t cost you anything. Sure, if you want to get the most out of it, we recommend that you follow them allbut even just one is enough to have guaranteed savings.

Otherwise you can always rely on ENEA’s advicethe national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development, to have already a cut on your bills of at least 170 euros. But first let’s see all the tricks that will help you save energy at home.

To save energy at home, follow at least one of these 10 tricks every day

All these tricks to save energy at home do not require “investments” or last-minute purchases, but only small tricks that will help you in the future to counter the dear bills and to save energy at home.

The first trick is that of disconnect all appliances that (still) have the stand-by function, that red light that stays on even after clicking on OFF. We recommend that you unplug after each useor even better connect it to a multi-socket (or “power strip”) equipped with an off button.

The second trick and of correctly arrange the food in the fridge. If placed incorrectly, perhaps after setting the temperature incorrectly, you risk losing a lot of energy. Just just better positioning of foodperhaps even avoiding to overfill the fridge, so that refreshment will be more guaranteed.

The third trick and of use intelligently appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Use as much as possible Eco or Smart programsif available, or fill them up to the maximum, so from limit the number of washes and save energy in the house.

The fourth trick and of close doors and windows, even in the height of summer. Because thermal insulation is the key to reducing energy losses, especially for those who have air conditioners or electric heaters. If summer, close the curtains or use external shading. If winter, have curtains or blinds seal windows properly.

The fifth trick and of make the most of natural light, especially in the summer months, when the days are longer. With only sunlight you can avoid turning on the lightand use it only after sunset (or even better after dusk).

The sixth trick and of limit the use of all those appliances that consume the most in the house, such as the electric stove, the hair straightener or even the air fryer. These alone can cost you together 2-3 euros per hour of consumption.

The seventh trick is to use electricity (or certain vampire appliances) at certain times of the day. If you have an energy contract with a two-hourly or multi-hourly tariffthere is a particular time slot that allows you to save energy at home right away.

The eighth trick and of limit yourself to the shower, and avoid using the bathtub. In addition to consuming less water, you can save energy at home. And if you have a latest generation shower head or shower columnfrom 6-9 liters of water per minute, you save even more.

The ninth trick and of turn off the utilities in anticipation of long trips out of town. Leave the gas valveor even the electrical cabinet turned on, it could be risky, if then a breakdown should happen.

The tenth And latest trick and of change your supply contractif you can find one or more offers that are convenient for your consumption and especially for your wallet.

ENEA’s tips for saving energy at home

In addition to these 10 tricks, there are other tips that may be useful to you to save energy in the house. Like those of ENEA, perfect for those who want to have an immediate cut in their bills.

The first tip is to reduce the consumption of all devices used for domestic heating, such as the air conditioner or stove. In the case of the conditioner, you will have to keep the temperature on 28 degrees, while for the heater you will have to limit yourself to 22 degrees.

Another tip is to activate the heating in November-December, and turn them off between March-April, instead of the usual October-November and April-May. I’m two months less which will help you a lot in saving you energy at home.

Lastly, ENEA recommends reduce daytime consumption by at least one hour, compared to what was done in previous years. For example, if you previously kept the air conditioner / stove on 7 hours a day, from this year it is better to keep them on 6 hours a day.

As ENEA reports, if we all maintained these consumptions, you could save at least 170 euros every month!

How to save energy at home thanks to new fixtures and without spending a penny

Another way to save energy in the home is to renew all the fixtures and the thermal coat of your home.

As much as it may seem that, as a trick, it requires an initial expense, in reality you can have free frames and thermal coatif you request one of the many building bonuses and tax breaks for energy efficiency.

Most of these are tax deductions, but, as in the case of the Super bonus 110%you can have one discount on invoice or even a tax credit, if you have all the credentials and if you can finish the work within the deadlines.

With new fixtures and a renewed thermal coat energy loss will be a distant memoryand you can really save energy in the house as it should be.

To save energy at home, follow at least one of these 10 tricks every day