Top 10 for the week of August 15: “The Sandman” and “Day Shift

Spectators’ Dreams Come True: The Sandman by Neil Gaiman occupied the top position of English-language TV for the third consecutive week with 77.24 million viewing hours and entered the Top 10 of 91 countries. Furthermore, the release of a special episode in two parts of the dark fantasy series gave fans moments of entertainment with the stories “The Dream of a Thousand Cats / Calliope”. Viewers keep losing their minds for I never…whose first and second seasons (with 17.01 million and 16.77 million viewing hours respectively) jumped into the Top 10 and the third season occupied the second position with 59.45 million viewing hours. Stranger Things 4 (28.8 million viewing hours), the third season of Locke & Key (28.31 million viewing hours) and the fourth season of Virgin River (20.47 million viewing hours) have maintained their popularity. The thriller miniseries with yellow twists Echoes it entered the rankings with 25.63 million viewing hours and appeared in the Top 10 of 31 countries.

Fans continued to love the Korean drama series Lawyer Woo, which held the top spot in the non-English TV chart with 77.43 million hours of viewing, making it the most watched title this week. The series also climbed to sixth in the list of the most popular, with a total of 341.46 million hours of viewing. New entries this week include the Mexican drama series Who plays with fire (27.68 million viewing hours) and the Spanish thriller series Alma (7.92 million viewing hours). The Korean thriller series A Model Family jumped to third place with 19.77 million viewing hours. Among the favorites still in the charts we find the Korean drama series Alchemy of Soulsthe Turkish drama series Another Selfthe Spanish drama series Sunrise and the Brazilian drama series Good morning, Verônica.

In the ranking of English films, the comedy about friendship Day Shift – Hunting for vampires by JJ Perry held the top spot with 63.39 million viewing hours and reached the Top 10 of 93 countries. The romantic comedy Parallel lines starring Lili Reinhart, directed by Wanuri Kahiu and written by April Prosser, he debuted in second place with 48.06 million viewing hours. Love takes an unexpected turn in Another 365 days, which debuted with 39.31 million viewing hours and entered the Top 10 of 92 countries. After four weeks Purple Hearts remained in the hearts of the spectators, totaling another 23.41 million hours of viewing. The film also entered seventh place on the list of the most popular with a total of 220.61 million hours of viewing. The new season of the anthological series on sport Untold opened with the compelling documentary Untold: The non-existent girlfriend, which captured the attention of viewers and obtained 20.05 million viewing hours. The action-adventure film directed by the Russo brothers The Gray Man it earned a deserved sixth position with 14.64 million viewing hours. The epic animated adventure The monster of the seas went on to entertain families by getting 8.12 million hours of viewing. Rounding out the list was the tender and adorable documentary In the mind of a cat with 6.99 million hours of viewing.

Among the titles that have made the list of non-English films are the Norwegian teen drama Royalteenwhich took the top spot with 11.91 million viewing hours, and the Japanese science fiction film Fullmetal Alchemist: Scar’s Revenge, in fourth position with 5.82 million hours of viewing. Fans also showed their enthusiasm for some favorite titles that have earned a spot on the charts: the Spanish thriller Code name: Emperorthe Korean action-adventure film Carterwhich also finished eighth in the ranking of the most popular with a total of 61.15 million hours of viewing, the Indian dark comedy Darlingsthe German horror Blood Red Skythe Argentine documentary Los ladrones: the last great robbery and the action-adventure film RRR (Hindi).

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Top 10 for the week of August 15: “The Sandman” and “Day Shift – Hunting for Vampires” top the English title charts while “Advocate Woo” is the most watched title