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The original Vampire Diaries vampires were many things, but having a witch-vampire hybrid status could also technically be one of them.

The original vampires of The Vampire Diaries were born as witches, but their transition to becoming vampires may not have ruled out their potential to have been witch-vampire hybrids as well. The ritual that the Mikaelson’s mother, Esther, performed gave her children the opportunity to become vampires at the cost of not only being disconnected from Nature but also from the Ancestors as witches. The inability to practice magic by channeling either of these two sources of power made the Original Vampires presumably incapable of practicing magic.

However, it has neither been confirmed nor denied that all forms of magic were completely unavailable for other members of the Mikaelson family aside from Klaus to practice after their transition. While Nature may have inherently revoked the Mikaelson’s ability to use magic due to their unnatural status as vampires, the Ancestors allowed their creation just as they allowed Qetsiyah to create the Other Side and the first immortals, Silas and Amara. Silas was a psychic witch who, after becoming immortal – an unnatural being in Nature’s eyes – was still able to perform magic, albeit dark magic known as Expression. It is a type of magic that could neither be granted nor taken away by Nature or the Ancestors. Therefore, theoretically, it is reasonable to think that the original vampires could have practiced the same type of expression magic as Silas.

Why Silas Was Technically A Vampire Diaries Hybrid

Hybrid status could also be extended to Silas, one of five look-alikes from The Vampire Diaries. He once explained acerbically to Elizabeth Forbes: “I came first. Vampires are nothing more than a disgusting perversion of me. I cannot be killed, I am immortal and I am psychic; and to function I need human blood, but never call me a vampire. Technically, it’s fair to say that Silas didn’t have the other supernatural vampire perks, though his illusion powers never gave that impression. Being an immortal bloodsucking being, however, is still a dual status attached to her original witch heritage.

How The Original Vampires Differ From Silas

The roots of Esther’s vampire spell were found in Qetsiyah’s immortality spell. The only key difference is that Silas didn’t have to be dead or engage in Vampire Diaries bloodshed to gain immortality. Perhaps the Ancestors learned their lesson from Silas and Qetsiyah’s ordeal when they allowed Esther to create vampires. To try to maintain the balance and to prevent too powerful beings from existing, a price had to be paid: an old life for a new life; or, witch status for vampire status. So this price of transitioning death was possibly also the death of the original vampires’ previous life status as witches to become undead immortal vampires. This, however, resulted in the unplanned creation of the werewolf-vampire hybrid, Klaus, an unintended loophole in Esther’s fate.

If Death and Transition did indeed remove the Original Vampires’ witch statuses per the Vampire Diaries witch rule, then they are not hybrids except for Klaus. Yet it is possible that their status as witches was not entirely removed, but rather suppressed by Nature and the Ancestors. If so, then it’s possible that, like Silas who was cut off from nature, the original vampires of The Vampire Diaries could have practiced the same dark magic that allowed Silas to continue practicing magic. Technically, the Original Vampires’ vampire-witch hybrid status may have simply been untapped.

TVD: Were the original vampires technically hybrids? | Pretty Reel