UHU students donate the proceeds from ‘Enjauhulados’ to the Juegaterapia Foundation

More than a hundred people participated a few days ago in the sporting event ‘Enjauhulados’ held at the El Carmen Campus of the University of Huelva. An initiative organized by the students of the third year of the Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences whose profits, which have amounted to Nearly 1,000 euros have been allocated to the Juegaterapia Foundationwhich supports the fight against childhood cancer.

A good financial contribution was raised, for which the organizers have highlighted the great success of participation and have appreciated the donations made. All thanks, too, to the event ‘Enjauhulados’ where the game was mixed with sportthrough activities that were held in places such as the Príncipe de Asturias Pavilion and the campus itself.

‘Caged’ at the University

The players who participated in ‘Enjauhulados’ were organized in groups in about fifteen activities such as the ‘Treasure hunt’, ‘Transportation of eyes’, ‘Circuit of balloons’, ‘The floor that lava’, ‘Scape rooms’ with different themes and elements, ‘Zombie Bells’, ‘The mysterious box’, ‘The crazy of the pins’, ‘Bite the orange’ and ‘The silent puzzle’.

In each activity they were given an envelope. with a clue, and they had to accumulate them in order to solve the enigma. Once the tests were passed, they had to free the caged participant through said tracks. The activities carried out on the campus of the Huelva institution they had a halloween-inspired aesthetic, with many of the participants characterized as monsters and vampires.

After an hour and a half of emotions and fun, the players and members of the organization participated in a final dance, the delivery of the raffle prizes, and the reading of a closing speech where it was highlighted that, “from the subject Education in valuesof the Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences of the UHUwe position ourselves in favor of cooperation and we support the eradication of all types of violence”an objective for which ‘Enjauhulados’ has been organized, “in which we turn fear into joy; we play to eradicate violence and anger and encourage altruism to collaborate in a better world”.

Juegaterapia Foundation

The Juegaterapia Foundation, the entity that receives the donations, is dedicated to helping children with cancer through play, through the humanization of hospitalsoffering them a pleasant stay during their admission, to make the chemotherapy treatment enjoyable with multiple activities related to video games, which are possible thanks to the consoles, tablets and games donated by individuals and companiesand that the Juegaterapia Foundation donates in turn to the pediatric areas of hospitals.

UHU students donate the proceeds from ‘Enjauhulados’ to the Juegaterapia Foundation