‘Upiro’, the first vampire film that will turn Calasparra into the Transylvania of the Region

MURCIA. upyrus is the name of the vampire movie that could turn Calasparra into the Transylvania of the Region of Murcia, inspired by events that took place in the town in the 18th century. It would also be the first time that the caves and the acquaintance Sanctuary they would become scenarios for a fantastic genre film.

The project has a good endorsement, since the Shadow Foundation -which organizes the successful Murcia European Fantastic Film Festival under the direction of Javier Garcia Caballero– is supporting the film as a co-producer, in addition to having produced the teaser (movie trailer) used to grab attention in international markets. The team that would shoot upyrus would be made up of professionals from Murcia, headed by the director, Oscar Martinand would have a budget of €1.5 million.

They report from the Shadow Foundation that upyrus is reaping very good results and arousing interest, as it has won the international markets of the Blood Window in Argentina and the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, as well as being present at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival BIFAN in Korea and in the Brussels international Fantastic Film Festival BIFFF in Belgium. It is also preparing its presence at the next Cannes Film Festival.

They add that the filming of this fantastic genre film in the Region will also mean an important leap to position the Murcian community in the audiovisual industry, benefiting professionals in the sector and showing the cultural and natural heritage with which It is counted in Murcian municipalities such as Calasparra.

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upyrus is a horror story based on a true story that occurred in the municipality of Calasparra. Name, in Old Slavonic, it comes from the Cyrillic term ‘upyr’ meaning leech. In the middle of the 17th century this word was phonetically transformed in Western Europe with the Anglo-Saxon ‘vopyr’, which gave rise to its universally known signifier, ‘vampire’.

There are not many fantastic genre film shoots carried out in the Region, although it should be remembered that Jesus Frank -to whom Sombra dedicated a tribute in the form of an exhibition- from time to time he would drop by these parts with his troupe of filming, attracted by the Mediterranean light, to make films like count dracula (with Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinsky), Don Cipote de La Manga, Virgin among the living dead either kiss me monster

More recently, well-known actors such as Cartagena Daniel Albaladejo, nacho warriors, Micky Molina Y Fernando Esteso participated in the filming in Cartagena of the horror movie labyrinth of shadowswhich had as its main stage the mansion house Villa Esperanza, located in the Peral neighborhood and well known by Cartagena for its emblematic architecture of the early twentieth century. This was the setting for a story starring an apparently helpless blind woman, some heartless thieves and some other supernatural force… This same production company from Murcia, A little by little, is also behind another horror film called Burgaalthough this time shot in Cantabria.

‘Upiro’, the first vampire film that will turn Calasparra into the Transylvania of the Region