Vampire Diaries: why we always preferred Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to Stefan (Paul Wesley)!

Fans of teenage series, vampires and magic, rejoice! Among the many good ideas of the French streaming platform somersault, which regularly offers series in full and in preview such as future seasons of HPI or of Candice Renoir (which will also be the last of the commander of the BSU of Sète), the posting (also in full) of Vampire Diaries, a fiction adapted from the eponymous novels by LJ Smith. A series certainly closed in 2017 after eight seasons and 171 episodes but a great series to see again with pleasure or to discover without the slightest hesitation.

Romances, dangers, black magic, curses…

Vampire Diaries is interested in Helena Gilbert, a pretty high school girl who has just lost her parents in a car accident. As Buffy in Sunnydale, the teenager, her aunt, her brother and her friends have lived for generations in a seemingly peaceful town. In appearance only because in reality, Mystic Falls turns out to be the landmark of an incalculable number of vampires who love to sow terror there. Starting with Damon Salvatore, the attractive bad boy of the series who loves nothing more than tormented Stefan, his younger brother who is precisely in love with Helena! But the real problem of the story is that the two brothers are much older than they let believe since they display more than a hundred years on their counter. How ? Why ? For the simple and good reason that they are two vampires!

Whether Helena and Stefan inevitably make Brandon and Kelly think of Beverly Hills, too smooth and too wise, the secondary characters are all tasty. The Salvatore brothers will finally quickly ignore their resentment and join forces to try to protect all these little people. They can obviously count on the presence of a witch from a great line who discovers extraordinary powers!

After many twists and turns during which some lost their lives returning among the living with sharp teeth and a thirst for blood that is not always easy to control, Vampire Diaries offers a touching finale that suggests that the departed beings who are dear to us are with us on a daily basis.

The successful casting of Vampire Diaries

If the sets are neat (we dream of the mansion of the Salvatore brothers), the distribution is obviously too. seen in Lost: the missing, Ian Somerhalder and his beautiful blue eyes slide greedily into the skin of the demonic brother, and Paul Wesley in that of the nice brother who no longer wants to drink human blood. Helena is played by Nina Dobrev, whose career took off after this series. Candice KingJuno is impeccable in the role of Caroline, the pretty blonde with a bit of a stick who turns out to be a faithful friend after being bitten by a vampire. Kat Graham (Hannah Montana) also perfect, camp Bonnie, the seductive witch and confidante of always. Much less talented than his grandfather, Steven R. McQueen, the grandson of Steve McQueen, camp Helena’s little brother. Matthew Davis (A Blonde’s Revenge) embodies Alaric, a particularly attentive history teacher.

Joseph Morgan lands him in the third season of the series (one of the best) in the skin of the most feared and most rock vampire in all history: Klaus Mikaelson. A earthy character who was entitled to his spin-off series, The Originals, which itself gave a spin-off, Legacies.

Vampire Diaries: why we always preferred Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to Stefan (Paul Wesley)!