Vampire series and movies that knew how to give the myth a twist

Vampires. We all know them. We all know, some more, some less, what they are about: immortal, pale, blood drinkers, allergic to sunlight. Everything seems to be said about them. And yet, in the audiovisual world, from time to time, there is the appearance of some story that has them as protagonists but that knows how to tell something new.

Sometimes, vampires mixed with zombies, other times, vampires that take energy instead of blood and also, why not, vampires that shine as if they had gems on their skin in the sunlight instead of dying with it. Join me as I review some of the wackiest versions of vampires you can see on TV and in the movies.

The vampire par excellence is, without a doubt, dracula. Locked up in his castle, coming out only at night, refined and cruel, he is the first thing we imagine when we think of these mythical creatures. However, on television and in the movies, sometimes the myth of the vampire has moved away a bit from that vision that we all have in the collective imagination.

For example, whether we like it or not, the fact that the vampires of Twilight not die with the sun, but shine outrageously as if their skin were covered with diamonds, it is a find. No cremation, no, the fear is that his presence will be revealed to humans by the pale beauty of his skin that hasn’t touched the sun for centuries.

Secondly, others who knew how to reimagine vampires were William of the Bull Y chuck hogan. The authors of the Darkness Trilogywhich later became the series known as The Strainthey devised some vampires that begin to spread around the world like an epidemic that reaches USA aboard an airplane.

Also, the vampires of The Strainhave little to do with the refinement of dracula: their resemblance is closer to the zombies of The Walking Dead and they don’t even have the typical fangs, but a tongue like stinger that they use to feed.

This is not the only strange version of vampires that he made William of the Bull. Previously, in the 93also directed the film Chronoswhere an antiquities dealer was “bitten” by a metallic beetle that, obviously, ends up turning him into a vampire. The myth of origin, completely transformed.

David Cronenbergmaster of body horror, is another director who was encouraged to modify the myth of origin. In his film 1977 titled rabida woman who suffers a car accident contracts an infection and develops, in one of her armpits, a kind of somewhat phallic-shaped appendix through which she attacks others and feeds on their blood.

On a slightly more glamorous note, HBO has, perhaps, one of the sexiest and most original vampire series of all: TrueBlood. the show of Alan Ball made by Anna Pakin poses a promising future for vampires: synthetic blood has been created, which allows them to come out of anonymity because they are no longer forced to kill. This twist and introduction of vampires completely changes a world that, by the end of the series, is capable of containing all the mythical creatures they can think of.

Finally, and perhaps the version that I like the most in this little list, I can’t not talk about What We Do In The Shadows. Already the movie Taika Waititi Y Jemaine Clement was novel in its tone mockumentarywhich showed us the mundane day-to-day life of vampires in the real world, but the series, which premiered at the 2019 and which is in its fourth season, introduced an original and unforgettable character: Colin Robinsonthe energy vampire.

Unlike traditional vampires, Colin it doesn’t drink blood, it’s not harmed by sunlight, or anything like that. He simply feeds off the energy of others. a conversation with Colin it is able to drain the strongest body. Delirious and wonderful.

Undoubtedly, there are many more examples. Movies and series that have fed on the classic myth of the vampire and have been able to add their seasonings to tell something new. And that is what happens when a story is immortal: it continues to grow, it continues to change and it continues to conquer.

Vampire series and movies that knew how to give the myth a twist