Today is Safer Internet Day or the world day to raise awareness on the issue of network security.

The goal is to promote the correct behaviors to observe when connected.

I must say that in the context of the pandemic the issue of the correct use of everything connected to the network has become even more central in the life of all of us. And it is a theme that is also linked to the lack of sleep. And that’s exactly what I’d like to focus on.

Sleeping is important. It is at all ages. It is for everyone. But it seems that many teenagers do without it. Just like vampires.

It is the phenomenon of vamping or the unhealthy habit of staying up at night to stay connected to the network: chats, TV series, video games.

Theirs is a deliberate choice: they go to bed but to stay awake. And without parental supervision there is even the illusion of having more privacy and self-control that causes so much transgression and freedom: an intoxicating but very dangerous emotional cocktail. Lack of sleep is only the most obvious negative consequence. To which many others are linked.

First of all it must be said that in adolescence the so-called bedtime it is delayed and the sleep system is more vulnerable to stress and therefore the lack of sleep finds a particularly fertile ground for doing damage. It decreases the ability of neurons to respond to stimuli which results in greater distractibility, less ability to concentrate and reduced ability to remember.
There are changes in emotional regulation, irritability, aggression, and an increased tendency to engage in risky behaviors and develop depressive symptoms.

A state of drowsiness is created during the day, especially in moments of low stimulation such as in repetitive and boring tasks, in reading activities and in driving activities. More effort is needed to perform the same cognitive, emotional, physical activities. In particular, the difficulties are much more evident if one is engaged in two tasks at the same time, such as controlling thoughts and emotions at the same time, thinking and solving problems while managing social relationships.

All consequences that push the quality of life downwards: academic performance that worsens and, if one is engaged in sports, the impossibility of facing training and competitions.

And therefore on the day of Safer Internet Day it is important to remember some simple rules to promote a correct lifestyle in relation to the use of social networks.

In the meantime, do not host your devices in your bedroom, turn them off and put them in charge in another room. Do not eat sugar and chocolate after dinner and keep the lights low: in the evening you get ready for sleep. Use the bed only for sleeping and keep the room cool.

And one last thing: try to always go to sleep at the same time.

Sleeping well is a precious recharge that no one can do without. And even less the athletes. So leave the night to the vampires and dive into the magical silence of the night.

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