“Vasil” has been the great winner of the 2022 Berlanga Awards


“Vasil” and “Hollyblood”, both distributed by Filmax, have been recognized with 7 awards at the V Berlanga Awards gala, awarded by the Valencian Audiovisual Academy.

“Vasil” | 6 Berlanga Awards

Best film
Best Director for Avelina Prat
Best screenplay
Best Original Music
Best Supporting Actress for Susi Sánchez
best sound

Vasil, released in theaters on November 4, was presented for the first time in Spain at the Valladolid International Film Week, SEMINCI, after its world premiere at the Warsaw International Film Festival. A journey through festivals that continued with La Mostra de Valencia and the Ópera Prima Ciudad de Tudela Festival.

The debut of the Valencian Avelina Prat in the fiction feature film stars the Bulgarian Ivan Barnev, the Spaniards Karra Elejalde, Alexandra Jiménez and Susi Sánchez and the British Sue Flack. The film is a contemporary fable that tells the story of Vasil, a Bulgarian immigrant, a singular man, who transmits kindness, passion, and a peculiar wisdom; who sees life differently and tells fascinating little stories… and the two months he spends in Spain, at the house of Alfredo, a lonely and unsociable man, and with his supporters at the bridge club, Carmen, an elegant widow and Maureen, a feisty Irishwoman and advocate for social justice.

Produced by Distinto Films, (Seis días ordinarios, Los niños salvajes, Suc de síndria) and Diferente Films AIE, co-produced with Bulgaria by Activist 38, Vasil has the support of the ICAA, the Valencian Institute of Culture (IVC), the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies (ICEC) and the Creative Europe Media Program of the European Union, as well as the participation of RTVE, TV3 and À Punt, who already have acquired the rights. Filmax handles both national distribution and international sales.


Vasil is intelligent, charismatic and a number 1 at bridge and chess, but he has been sleeping on the streets since he arrived from Bulgaria. Alfredo, a retired architect, welcomes him into his house for a while before the astonished look of his daughter Luisa. The two men have nothing in common except their passion for chess. Despite their differences, little by little Vasil will be able to break the barriers built by Alfredo. And it is that Vasil has this gift: to forever transform those people with whom he relates.

“Hollyblood” | 1 Berlanga Award

Best Art Direction

hollyblood, the romantic vampire comedy, was released in cinemas throughout Spain on July 22 by Filmax. Jesús Font (The Commissioner, All men are equal) is the director of this fantastic film whose objective is to entertain the public with a fun parody of vampire films.

Starring Oscar Casas (Xtremo, Los Rodríguez and beyond), Isa Montalbán (Only once, Xtremo), Carlos Suárez (I’ll leave it whenever I want, Not with you, bug), Jordi Sánchez (The best summer of my life, Yes I was rich) and Amparo Fernández (Vasil, The substitute). They are accompanied, in what will be their debut before the cameras, by Piero Méndez and Lara Boedo.

hollyblood is a production of Amigos y Colmillos AIE, La Canica Films, Quexito Films and SUICA Films. It has the participation of RTVE, Netflix and the support of L’Institut Valencià de Cultura and with the financing of the ICO with the collaboration of Crea SGR. The distribution in cinemas in Spain is carried out by Filmax.


Javi is a normal teenager with a normal life. So normal that he has nothing special for Sara to notice him. She only has eyes for HollyBlood, a vampire literary saga. Javi is determined to tell Sara that he likes her, but a series of unforeseen events and misunderstandings lead Sara to believe that Javi is a supernatural vampire. Everything gets complicated when the two of them, along with other classmates, must face an ancient and evil threat that lives in their school.

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“Vasil” has been the great winner of the 2022 Berlanga Awards – mundoplus.tv