Was María Félix an energy vampire?

The vampires exist in literature, in science fiction and in theories about their origin, however, the energy vampires They are found in our day to day life without us often being aware of it.

The actress Maria Felixpassed away 20 years ago, her time in the entertainment and film industry was overshadowing for many, because her personality and the way she behaved marked a before and after in the way of perceiving the empowerment of women.

María Félix was an actress of the Mexican golden cinema era of which little or much is said about every aspect of her life, from the fact that she was Diego Rivera’s lover until she lived the worst days of her life with Agustín Lara, “La Doña” as she was affectionately known, was she an energy vampire?

Energy vampires, what are they?

The energy vampires they are defined by destroying everything in their path (talking about energy), they are people who take the energy of those who are close to them for their own benefit.

They are regularly egotistical people, who act feeling superior beings, others are manipulative people, who like to become victims or who tend to inflate the ego of the person from whom they are going to take away energy.

They are called energy vampires as they leave their victims emotionally and physically drained, without energy. Has it happened to you? You are with a person and after seeing them you feel that you lack energy, have a headache or are extremely distressed.

Was María Félix an energy vampire?

Some time ago on the social network TikTok and other alternative media, an excerpt from the interview that María Félix held with Jacobo Zabludovsky during an event in the United States was rescued.

In it, the news anchor asks her, “everyone comments on her great vitality, her magnetism, what is the secret of that vitality, of that joy of María Félix?”

To which La Doña replies openly: “Look, all those who are here, who greet me, I steal a little from them all, and I make all the energy of these people mine. And it’s not bad, right? So, I don’t do anything, I steal from others.”

Look at the video:

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How to avoid the effect of an energy vampire?

Whether or not you believe about them, in addition to a physical body, we have an energetic body, to take care of it it will be necessary to use intuition or hunches, if you feel or believe that someone gives you a bad vibe or that they only use you to deposit their sorrows and achievements, a good way to protect yourself is to avoid being close to her.

Being aware of the type of people who make us feel bad makes us automatically value and take care of ourselves, you can even meditate or use personal items that protect you such as the already famous red bracelets.

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Have you met an energy vampire?

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Was María Félix an energy vampire?