Wednesday: All the powers of the Nevermore Forsaken

Wednesday has been available for a couple of days on Netflix and introduces many different types of outcasts to the family world AddamsLet’s discover their powers together. Obviously, if you haven’t seen the TV series yet, the article may contain spoilers.


The predominant species at Nevermore Academy appears to be those with psychic powers. They have different powers, with many traits often passed down within families. For example, Wednesday Addams inherited the gift of psychic visions from her mother Morticia Frump, and her father’s ancestor Goody Addams. Xavier Thorpe he has the ability to animate his drawings, as well as the ability to have dreams that predict the future. These powers were passed down to him by his famous father Vincent Thorpe, who happens to be his favorite psychic Pugsley Addams. Rowanthe boy who tries to kill Wednesday only to be eaten by the Hyde, was able to use telekinesis and finally Eugene he is able to command his bees.

Fanged (Vampires)

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According to Enid in Wednesday’s season 1 premiere, some vampires have been students at Nevermore Academy for decades. Due to their aversion to light, pale vampires are typically seen wearing sunglasses. The only member of the Zannati who is seen multiple times in the first eight episodes is Yoko, who was also briefly roommates with Enid during her fight with Wednesday.

Hairy (Werewolves)

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Enid Sinclair is part of the Pelosi, is therefore a werewolf. Werewolves are known to “Lupizzarsi” during full moons, which means they fully transform into werewolves and are often heard howling. Enid’s siblings take on all the werewolf stereotypes of Nevermore Academy, but Emma Myers’ character had never fully transformed until Wednesday’s season 1 finale. Among Enid’s powers is the ability to lengthen her nails when she is angry or worried.

Squamata (Sirens)

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Mermaids are another key species at Nevermore Academy, with school queen Bianca Barclay falling into this category. Mermaids are creatures who are able to use their songs to influence others, and Bianca uses her power to make her way through the Academy. Their songs can also lead other students to distrust the sirens, Xavier broke up with Bianca because of fear of being controlled by the girl. This is one of the strongest powers, and is also used by adults. Bianca’s mother is in fact being used by a man named Gideon to recruit followers for the Morning Song cult. Besides Bianca, Kent and Divina are also mermaids.

Factones (Gorgons)

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The boy Enid likes, Ajax, is the top gorgon at Nevermore Academy. This creature is based on Greek mythology, with Medusa being the most notable example. The snake-haired gorgons must all wear hats – typically caps – on their heads to hide their snakes, as anyone who looks at them is temporarily turned to stone. In Ajax it happens by mistake after the shower on the evening of the first date with Enid. In Italian, the play on words between petrified and done (in the sense of using drugs) is lost: Stone/Stoned.


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The Hyde is the main monster of this season 1 of Wednesday. Wednesday Addams’ romantic interest, Tyler Galpin, is the Hyde who terrorizes the series. His mother was also a Hyde when she was a student at Nevermore Academy 30 years earlier. Becoming unpredictable and violent, she forced Nevermore Academy to ban the species. As the Hyde is the main outcast villain of Wednesday’s first season, the series delves deep into the monster’s traits. It takes its name from the story of Doctor Jeckill and Mr Hyde, it is a violent monster with super strength and capable of tearing off human limbs with great ease.


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Before the end of season 1 Wednesday Addams learns that there is another species of outcasts at Nevermore Academy. In fact, he discovers that the principal Larissa Weems is a shapeshifter, that she has transformed into Rowan to pretend to have survived the attack of the Hyde. Weems transformed into Judy Garland for the talent show when she and Morticia were students at Nevermore Academy. As a final transformation, Weems transforms into Tyler. After hearing Miss Thornhill confess to her crimes, Weems becomes herself again but is killed by the character played by Christina Ricci.

Wednesday is available exclusively on Netflix.

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Wednesday: All the powers of the Nevermore Forsaken