Werewolf by Night: between vampires and TVA, an atypical Marvel product

Probably more bizarre than that it was hard to imagineperhaps only some brilliant mind capable of predicting the moves of Feige and associates or with an out of the ordinary inventiveness could ever have conceived this trailer at D23 for Werewolf by Night, the first Halloween special – if it can be defined in that way. way – license plate MCU which will however land on Disney + a little earlier, next 7 October. That Werewolf by Night an extremely unique, histrionic and peculiar project was already basic, we knew it, given the meager marketing news spread by the House of Ideas: an announcement in an incredibly minor tone and passed almost unnoticed, some casting news in unspecified and very generici, the director – Michael Giacchino – chosen immediately before the start of shooting; in short, many things foreshadowed, especially due to the abundant last year and a half, of yet another exclusive Marvel project on Disney +, which fate had reserved very little attention.

And instead we still struggle a little to withstand the impact of this first look at Werewolf by Nightwhich seems not alone possess a strong and very surprising identitybut also hiding an infinity of intriguing little details.

A special hunting trip

A movie that already opens in a distinctive way, with screens and music similar to a special and timely news bulletin during your favorite broadcast which then change to take on the appearance and tones of an old horror movie trailer from the 40s-50s: a cemetery, black and white, a narrator who incites – or warns, depending on the interpretations – the spectators to the terror looming over them and finally the logo, in all its wonderfully vintage almost drive-in beauty. A hint of plot takes the limelight, as it basically explains that a colorful group of monster hunters is gathered – probably at the Bloodstone family manor – to join in on a special joke.

Why special? Because one of them is actually a monster in disguise, as if it were the supernatural version of a dinner with crime. Note immediately the cameo of Ulysses Bloodstone, in the comics an immortal hunter of monsters and here brought to the screen like a sort of very old zombie, although still with a very cringe sense of humor already put on display with an absurd pun. And already in the following scenes Werewolf by Night begins to sow the seeds of what could be a crazy concept.

A lot of surprises

On the one hand, in fact, we have sequences that are very reminiscent of the horror of the 40s-50s, a little Psycho by Hitchcock to be clear, with an increasingly insistent and rhythmic anxious music and a direction that decisively insists on the horror expressions of the characters with sudden blocks. A succession of scenarios that are actually quite classic for the genre, such as the homonymous protagonist Jack Russell (played by Gael Garcia Bernal) caged and tortured due to his werewolf nature of which often, however, only the silhouette or partial shots are glimpsed. Too bad that to torture the good Licantropus there is also clearly the Time Variance Authoritywhich then returns to the screens after more than a year from Loki (here you can retrieve ours review by Loki).

That everything we will see is destined to be just an alternative timeline to be canceled? The fact that Marvel itself is promoting Werewolf by Night as a special presentation, perhaps disconnected from the rest of the shared universe, makes us lean towards such an explanation. The surprises, however, do not end there, since the real monster will not apparently be Jack, but as seen clearly in a frame Man-Thing will also be present, the Marvel version of the swamp monster in practice. How these elements will blend together we do not know, but we are sure of one thing: Werewolf by Night has captured our attention and above all interest.

Werewolf by Night: between vampires and TVA, an atypical Marvel product