What do I read? The new from Michel Visillac and Carmen Posadas, and “The Snow Society”


“Half Scary Tales”, by Michel Visillac; “License to spy”, by Carmen Posadas; and a special edition of “The Snow Society”, by Pablo Vierci

Author:Michel Visillac


Price:240 pesos

The communication consultant, publicist and former director of El Escolar, Michel Visillac, has developed this series of children’s books that already has two volumes in a project that includes a podcast (available on Spotify, for example) and a YouTube channel with 242,000 subscribers. Although there are “curious zombies”, “distracted vampires”, “cute mummies”, “edible monsters” and “wise witches”, the tone of the proposal is more friendly than terrifying (hence the “half scary”) and the stories are short and easy reading and family. That imprint was already in Tales with you, a collection of hyper-brief stories by Visillac. Each volume of Half-Scary Tales has 14 stories in just over 40 pages; some of them were published by El Escolar. The illustrations are by Mauro Muyano. A nice collection to bring children closer to reading. And give him a couple of friendly scares.

license to spy

Author: Carmen Posadas


Price:890 pesos

The Spanish-Uruguayan Carmen Posadas collects stories of female spies, undercover agents, palace intriguers. He does it from a novel that finds originality in the union of several scattered stories. “Through these pages parade queens like Catalina de Médicis and her flying squadron, adventurers like the inevitable Mata-Hari, and also princesses who put their talent at the service of Hitler, or Spanish women who found themselves involved in some of the most important plots of the century. XX, as Caridad Mercader”, is announced on the back cover. Posadas was born in Montevideo but has made her life and her career in Spain. She won the Planeta prize in 1998 for Little Infamies and since then she has remained a solid best seller with books like The Puppet Master, The Invisible Witness and the recent The Legend of the Pilgrim.

The Snow Society

“The Snow Society”

AuthorPablo Vierci


Price:990 pesos

Announced as a special edition for the 50th anniversary of the so-called “tragedy of the Andes”, La sociedad de la nieve returns to bookstores. Pablo Vierci was a schoolmate of many of the passengers on the flight that carried Uruguayan rugbiers to Chile and fell into the range. This direct knowledge, given to the testimonies collected by Vierci, turned the book into a kind of official account of the event. Vierci puts it together from the own words of those involved in a story that does not lose tension or drama despite the time that has elapsed and the familiarity of the story. This updated edition includes, as news, an introduction by the author and a text by the Spanish director, JA Bayona, responsible for the film that adapts the book by Vierci, which is produced by Netflix and which does not yet have a release date.

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