Who is Mara Sattei, protagonist of Sanremo 2023

Mara Sattei arrives on the prestigious stage of the “Sanremo Festival” after a memorable summer in which she topped all the charts thanks to the single “La Dolce Vita” alongside Fedez and Tananai. But the singer above all boasts an important relationship, she is in fact the older sister of “Tha Supreme”, one of the most famous rappers and music producers of recent years. Her real name is Sara Mattei, but in 2019 she decided to reverse her initials by creating the stage name Mara Sattei. Sara and her brother are very close and often collaborate creating music together. Little is known about Sara’s private life, except that she had an affair with rapper Danny La Home.
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Mara Sattei (Photo from Instagram)

Mara Sattei, the beginnings and collaborations

Mara Sattei was born in Rome on April 28, 1995 and the first contact with the general public dates back to 2013 when he enters the “Amici” school. The singer participates with her real name, Sara Mattei. She is currently one of the queens of the new Italian music scene with over 200 million streams with the song “La dolce vita”, but the artist also boasts important collaborations (Altalene with Coez, Spigoli with Carl Brave and tha Supreme, Dilemme Remix with Lous and the Yakuza and tha Supreme and many other songs). “From the first meeting, a beautiful harmony was also created with Tananai and Fedez – she declared. I think we are really three different worlds and it was interesting to mix our styles”. “I am a very simple and easy girl and they are my bodyguards: nice, frank and overwhelming”, she added. Knowing Justin Bieber is her dream of hers that she could come true: “I will open his Italian concert on July 31 in Lucca, a beautiful opportunity, and I would like to meet him”, she then revealed.

Mara Sattei (Photo from Instagram)

Mara Sattei, discography

The artist takes his first steps in the world of music in 2008 by opening a YouTube channel where he offered covers of various kinds. Six years later she will release her first EP of reinterpreted songs and then move to London and disappear from the scene. In 2017, the turning point with the song “Mama oh”, produced by her brother, followed in the following years by “New registration 326” and “New registration 402”. He participates in the debut album of “Tha Supreme” lending his voice in successful singles such as “M12lano” or in “Spigoli” together with the Roman rapper Carl Brave. In 2020 Mara and her brother had the honor of participating in the remix of “Dilemme”, the song that launched the career of the new star of European music, “Lous and the Yakuza”. Her first album comes out in 2021 entitled “Universo”, anticipated by her first single in April of the same year, called “Sorry”. In 2021 the song “Parentesi” sung with Giorgia also arrives. (Instagram profile: @mara.sattei)

Mara Sattei (Photo from Instagram)

Mara Sattei in Sanremo 2023

Mara Sattei will go on stage for the first time in Sanremo with the song “Duemilaminuti” which bears the signature of Damiano dei Maneskin. And on the author of his song he says: “Damiano contacted me. He told me he had a song for me. It was a great honour.” And he adds: “The song talks about a love that you will discover on stage … I don’t want to add too many details”. “Sanremo is linked to my family, I watched it with my parents. And then it’s the history of Italian music. For me it is a great love. The song I remember is ‘Gechi e vampiri’ by Gerardina Trovato. I stood in front of the radio waiting for this song to try to record it, I was obsessed. I’m preparing with a lot of rehearsals, I’m in focus on everything, to get right both musically and mentally ”she added. On his passion for music he revealed: “Our mother passed it on to us. She sang in a gospel group for years, I was born and raised in music. I have an uncle who plays instruments, another who plays electronic music. My brother and I grew up like this. My mom writes lyrics, my grandfather writes lyrics… I got there when I was fourteen. And from there began a long process to understand what I really liked to write”.

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