You can watch this Robert Pattinson movie for free and without a subscription, which generated a wave of hatred for its ending

You don’t need to be subscribed to the platform, nor do you need to log in, you can watch this movie on Rakuten TV simply by pressing ‘play’.

Robert Pattinson rose to fame thanks to his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight, but has always been running away from him. The actor did not want to be the typical teen idol and he succeeded. Thanks to The lighthouse, Tenet either batman no one sees him as the protagonist of the vampire saga anymore. In the process of changing he starred in some other drama like Remember me, which is worth rescuing even though it is not the most appreciated recommendation. It’s one of those love her or hate her cases.

Remember me is available to view at Rakuten TV free and without subscription. That is, you do not need to subscribe or access the platform with any type of account. All you have to do is press ‘play’ to enjoy the tape.

The film, directed by Allen Coulter, tells the family drama of the Hawkins after the suicide of one of their children. Despite the misfortune, Tyler (Pattinson) is determined to be happy again. He and his sister Caroline have a difficult relationship with his father, a businessman who throws himself into work. One night, he meets Ally, a young woman who has also suffered a suicide within her family.

As we say, Remember me is one of Robert Pattinson’s first roles after Twilight. The young man was still finding his identity as an actor when this offer came to him. He must have thought that a romantic drama would not hurt him and he accepted the proposal, but the reality is that, when he arrived in theaters, the end monopolized all the attention. It is one of those decisive endings, which completely change the meaning of the film and, in this case, generated a wave of hate.

Just a sample of what they say about him. “The twist exposes Mr. Fetters as a mere lazy opportunist,” he writes. Critic’s Notebook. “The blatantly exploitative ending ironically turns Remember me in a movie that will fade from memory pretty quickly,” says examiner. “Adults will be scarred by the ending, which takes advantage of a national tragedy”Add Times.

Without saying any spoilers or revealing anything about the plot, let’s say that it ends with an event that marked the Americans without having referred to it at any time. It is a sensitive subject and, although the director surely did not write it for this purpose, for many it is a way to take advantage of a tragedy.

The names that make up the team is what gives the greatest value to production. In addition to having Pattinson as the protagonist – who is already attractive in his own right – he has Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and Lena Olin in the cast. The director is Allen Coulter, whose career is focused almost exclusively on television. He has directed episodes of series such as The SopranosBoardwalk Empire, House of Cards or the recent for all mankind. The script is in charge of Will Fetters, the same one who has written the script of A star has been born either Clawtwo highly valued tapes.

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You can watch this Robert Pattinson movie for free and without a subscription, which generated a wave of hatred for its ending