Robert Pattinson, from the Batman movie to the auction houses | Friend

Being hired for a job just for the name it bears. And not for competence, professionalism or experience. How many have suffered the same injustice! To our already numerous ranks are added the art curators of the auction houses. Who stormed the Internet to report … Robert Pattinson. Well yes, the former vampire of Twilight … Read more

Batman: Celebrate the day of the “Night Knight”, the DC hero, with his best series and movies

On Batman Day it is worth remembering the dozens of adventures and dramas that he has gone through six decades ago, when he first appeared on television. Bruce Wayne (or Bruno Díaz, as he was also known in Mexico), has a long history in film, TV and now in the hearing field, which is worth … Read more


Batman – The Return turns thirty today, and when we thought about it a thought came into our heads: who knows how good it must have been Tim Burton in 1992. At the time, the Californian director was in his fifth film: the first four had all gone beautifully at the box office, obviously in … Read more

The Batman: Robert Pattinson Reveals Favorite Role of His Career!

In a recent interview, actor Robert Pattinson confessed that The Batman was one of his favorite roles of his career! Robert Pattinson has had many successful roles in his career. He managed to reveal himself thanks to his appearance in Harry Potter. On the other hand, it is thanks to Twilight that he blew up … Read more

Robert Pattinson, from vampire to batman: the evolution of the star of The Batman

The Batman: Robert Pattinson “unmasked” in an image from the trailer The events of the saga of Twilightwhich made him a star Robert Pattinson, are set in the state of Washington, in the northwest of the United States. Even Nirvana, Kurt Cobain’s band, was born in that state, in the capital, Seattle, which for a … Read more