Every Upcoming (and Canceled) Universal Monster Movie | Pretty Reel

After the success of The Invisible Man in 2020, Universal Pictures is finally gearing up to produce revivals of its classic monster movies. The studio’s roster of iconic creatures, including Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride, Werewolf, Mummy, Invisible Man, and Creature from the Black Lagoon (among others), are some of the most popular horror characters. … Read more

The show that was going to have a crossover episode with The Vampire Diaries and was canceled

In an interview, the creator of The Vampire Diaries, Julie Plec, revealed that there was a program from the same television network The CW, which wanted to make a crossover episode with the vampire drama, but ended up rejecting it for this reason. July 29, 2022 2:11 p.m. The Vampire Diaries is one of the … Read more

Lesbian kisses and censorship: series and movies that were banned or canceled for making diversity visible | Netflix, Marvel and Pixar in the crosshairs of conservatives

The representations of women in love with other women, of men happy with the company of other men, or any other type of relationship that is not heteronormative, begin to multiply in the films and series aimed at children and young people of great powers like Netflix, Marvel, pixar either Disney. However, despite their efforts … Read more

Netflix and HBO canceled two lesbian series and the networks reproach them

BY CAMILA ALFIE. This year, queer narratives are more protagonists than ever among the big streaming platforms and not even Disney wanted to stay out of this rainbow rush. While the two-second lesbian kiss in “Lightyear” caused evangelical groups around the world to tear their hair out and organize to ban this film, stories with … Read more

Batgirl Movie Is Totally Canceled By Warner As Filming Wraps Up

Worn by Leslie Grace in Barbara Gordon, the DC movie Batgirl will never be released in theaters or on HBO Max. You will never see the movie Batgirl, worn by Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon. The adaptation of the DC Comics heroine was nevertheless eagerly awaited, and above all almost completed: the shooting is over, … Read more

Between Dracula and Nosferatu, two cult vampire films abruptly canceled in Hollywood

The good times are coming and from Karyn Kusama to Robert Eggers, it seems that the vampires are returning to the crypt. Whether it’s global warming precipitating the return of a scorching sun a little more each year, some curse of some kind, or perhaps the questionable teaser of the serial remake ofInterview with a … Read more

10 Best TV Shows Canceled Before Their Time, According To Ranker

Very often, television series acquire a momentum of their own, a level of popularity, either with critics or with viewers, which earns them a constant renewal of their networks. However, it’s just as often the case that even a great series doesn’t last as long as its most dedicated fans think it should. In fact, … Read more