“Museums and Libraries for children”, the autumn season is served

The museums and civic libraries of La Spezia present the new calendar of days de “Museums and Libraries for children”, activities dedicated to children and parents for the autumn season 2022. A rich calendar of events that starts on Friday 30 September and that every weekend until the end of the year offers activities in … Read more

Elisenda Roca: “Children don’t care if the author is a Nobel Prize winner, they are interested in history”

“Are you Elisenda Roca?», asks a middle-aged woman very moved by the fortuitous meeting in the middle of the morning, near Plaça Espanya. The renowned Catalan writer, theater director and journalist is pleasantly surprised that a Majorcan woman remembers her for her program Cifras y Letras de Ella, 25 years after her. But the new … Read more

Blog | After Peppa Pig, criticism of the Little Mermaid: typical of a country that cannot explain things to children

Spoiler alert: the level of the discussion is so low that we find ourselves discussing the color of the skin (or should I say “scales”?) of the little mermaid, an invented character. On the other hand, the round on Peppa Pig, so this seems like a worthy sequel to the country where no one knows … Read more

Clan of Xymox at the Flying Circus, the children of the night spread their wings and started dancing #WARPGigs

// By: Oscar Adame Sat 10 September, 2022 Text: Joy Rubio »Rodolfo» Photographs: Creepy In Wonderland The legendary Dutch darkwave and synthpop band, Clan of Xymox, returned to Mexico, opening their tour of the country at the legendary Circo Volador, cathedral of the capital’s gothic and underground scene. The night began with a catwalk of … Read more

7 animated series on Netflix and Disney Plus NOT suitable for children

Entering the world of animation is entering a new world, we usually believe that seeing animations, whether colorful or with different beings, is something for children, but it really is not like that, there are many animation series in which deep topics are discussed and many times they show more than a reality. For this … Read more