The rise of fantasy (pushed by #BookTok, cinema and series) and the new series by Gribaudo

In recent years the Fantasy is back as a protagonist, from bookstores (think of the great success of the genre on #BookTok) to the world of video gamespassing through that of cinema and of TV series. Remaining in the book field, the data indicate that the volume of editorial releases in the fantasy market remained … Read more

French cinema: “Viens je t’emmene” by Alain Guiraudie

“Viens je t’emmene”, which we can freely translate as “Come, I’ll take you with me”, is the sixth feature film by the French filmmaker, screenwriter and writer Alain Guiraudie. A film that does not leave anyone indifferent, that challenges and disturbs the viewer, a burlesque fantasy that tells us about current social issues, but with … Read more

October 2022: horror films in the cinema

This month at the cinema, among the films in programming, we point out the Finnish body horror Hatching – The shape of evilthe horror slasher Halloween Killshorror Dampyr and the undead horror comedy Cut! Zombies vs Zombies.The survival movie Battle Royale (2000) by Kinji Fukasaku instead returns to the cinema in a director’s cut version … Read more

Seedy vampires, weird documentaries, ‘soft’ eroticism: Sala B celebrates five years of cult Spanish cinema at the Filmoteca

His proposal to dignify our B-series films celebrates its fiftieth session this Friday at the Doré Cinema, screening a careful selection of trailers of all genres “In this country, B movies have always been something underground, of geeks and who had never been given the importance that is usually given to other types of productions. … Read more

The 15 best horror movies in the history of cinema to be really scared

Since the beginning of fiction cinema, all the genres that had had a place in literature have been explored and horror was not exempt. If you could read, too it was possible to script and transfer to the screen the worst fears of the human race. Thus, legends and original stories began to be captured … Read more

“In the cinema, there are few female characters that are interesting because they are funny”: interview with the Everyone Loves Jeanne team

A funny, poetic and intelligent film about the life and mental health of a woman? This is the pitch of Everybody loves Jeanne. Interview with Céline Devaux, its director, and actor Laurent Lafitte. If you don’t know Céline Devaux yet, you are about to discover one of the most exciting young directors and illustrators of … Read more