Gary Oldman confesses: “I slept in a coffin for a long time”

The actors go out of their way to get into the character. And Oscar winner Gary Oldman is no exception: Cary Elwes just declared it a The Hollywood Reporter. According to his colleague’s recollections, the Oscar winner had got into a rather bizarre habit while filming Dracula by Bram Stoker, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. … Read more

Lili Reinhart confesses how different it is to kiss in ‘Riverdale’ to do it in real life

Emma McIntyreGetty Images Teen shows never go out of style.. They are a ‘comfort zone’ from which we refuse to leave. From our first steps as children with ‘Hannah Montana’ or ‘Zoey 101’ we knew that this type of series (seriously, it seems to us that it has earned the television genre qualification) was always … Read more