10 video game adaptations to television series that are on the way

With the arrival of ‘The Last of Us‘, one of HBO’s 21 most anticipated series in 2023 to targetthe platform has been noted as one of the first television successes of the year: it is its second best premiere in a decade, only surpassed by ‘the house of the dragon‘. It might seem that predicting … Read more

Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct: when is it, time and how to see the first video game event of 2023 from Mexico

Xbox together with Bethesda they have confirmed the creation of the Developer_Direct (D_D)a format of showcase very similar to what we have already seen in the Nintendo Direct or State of Play. As every time these programs are announced, doubts always arise and this time we are going to address some of those related to … Read more

The Last of Us | Character guide: the differences between video game and TV series

Pedro Pascal – Photo source: Ansa The series The Last of Us, inspired by the video game of the same name for PlayStation 3, it is now available with the first episode on NowTv and Sky with Pedro Pascal as the protagonist. We know better the Chilean actor that we have already seen in The … Read more

Xbox Game Pass: la gigantesca mole di giochi del 2023, da Starfield a Forza

È quasi impossibile parlare del futuro di Xbox senza tirare in ballo anche Game Pass. Il servizio in abbonamento è ormai parte integrante dell’ecosistema gaming di casa Microsoft, un ruolo che si è meritatamente conquistato con prezzi concorrenziali, una filosofia multipiattaforma e un catalogo in continua espansione nel quale trovano posto, fin dal day one, … Read more

Steam: the arrival of this legendary indie game is the big surprise of the start of the year

the video game success can be explained in many different ways. Most often it will be by his overall quality, the audience it targets, the gameplay that he proposes or the quality of marketing that the studios inject into their AAAs. But sometimes it’s other elements that define the success of a game, with here … Read more

The creator of Vampire Survivors does not realize the meteoric success of his game

Excellent surprise for the end of 2022, the shoot-em-up with roguelite elements vampire survivors has been talked about a lot in recent months. Its success obviously surprised the players, but the most surprised remains Luca “poncle” Galante, the creator of the game. Luca Galante taken aback by this sudden success Arrived on November 10 in … Read more

Starfield, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and all the exclusive games coming to Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass in 2023

Xbox’s strategy, at the moment, is not one that relies heavily on its exclusives, as it happens with the platforms of its competitors. Instead, Microsoft has bet on strengthening GamePass and the constant support of many of games that have millions of users active. With the above in mind it becomes understandable that 2022 has … Read more