The most controversial thing of the 90s was not Mortal Kombat: another forgotten game put SEGA in check and faced the US Senate

Videogames, and especially the violence within them, has been the subject of debate and censorship almost since the world began. Many studies have been done in this regard, reaching different conclusions, but perhaps the place where the strongest debate on this matter occurred was the very United States Senate. The culprit of all this? A … Read more

Evil West: cowboys, vampires and gore… an action game that loves blood

When America is invaded by vampires, cowboys are sent to confront them. This is the promise ofEvil Westthe pleasant surprise of the end of the year. In a short decade, developer Flying Wild Hog has become a big name in action video gaming. Beyond the highly stylized Trek to Yomithe studio is best known for … Read more

With Vampire Survivors, I finally get the lure of Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming

You know those games where you start with, spend about 20 minutes, then realize “ah shit”. He had me ? This is vampire survivors. I come to this engrossing little sprite-based game as a creature that’s sunk over 1000 hours into The Binding of Isaac across the multiple platforms I own it on – the … Read more

Vampire Survivors Game Review | Level Up

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No, V Rising isn’t the only great new vampire game: 2022 is riddled with bloodsuckers on PC

There is one thing that is clear, and that is that vampires are very cool. From works like Dracula or The Queen of the Damned, these immortal beings have been captivating people’s imaginations for decades. In video games, this could not be less, and it is that works like Castlevania either Legacy of Kain show … Read more

Redfall Characters: The four heroes of the game.

Who are the characters in Redfall? With the introduction of Redfall, its new cooperative first-person shooter, Arkane Studios has introduced us to four new heroes, a group of companions who try to save Redfall from his supernatural situation. Who are these vampire hunters, what do they do in Redfall, and what kind of arsenal does … Read more

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Redfall details the different and terrible vampires of the video game for Xbox and PC

From the same development team that brought us ‘Dishonored’ and ‘Prey‘, the next videogame by Arkane Studios,’red fall‘, unlike the rest of the developer’s proposals, places the Vampires as the main threat. Of these precisely we have new details, since the study allows us to discover the creatures of the night and incidentally some of … Read more