From 8 to 31 October at the Magicland of Valmontone skeletons, vampires, ghosts, zombies, shows, music and parades are on stage

MagicLand kicks off the most important Halloween event in Central Southern Italy to experience the most monstrous and terrifying event of the year, with a series of shows and initiatives dedicated to young and old! From 8 to 31 October skeletons, zombies, witches, themed shows, thrilling attractions and the inevitable parades will invade MagicLand transforming … Read more

Of vampires, ghosts and other creatures: Carlos Herrera shares the secrets of literature that always disturbs us

It was May 1816, and the heavy rain outside was an account of the so-called “year without a summer” that clouded the planet due to a violent eruption of a distant volcano in Indonesia. This anomaly was the ideal climate for the emergence of Polidori’s “The Vampire” and the overwhelming “Frankenstein” by the future Mrs. … Read more

Witches and ghosts in Leolandia: HalLEOween arrives

Leolandiathe first Italian theme park dedicated to families with children a Capriate San Gervasio (Bg), is preparing for the scariest time of the year by transforming itself from September 23 in HalLEOweena magical world populated by bungling witches, talking pumpkins, vampires and monsters, ready to make everyone laugh out loud! So many surprises in store … Read more

New York Comic Con 2022: The Walking Dead, Outlander and Ghosts among the panels announced

Like the San Diego Comic-Conthe New York Comic-Con is also an unmissable American event for pop culture fans. Organized from October 6 to 9, 2022 at the Javits Center, the event ReedPop attracts more than 210,000 people each year thanks to its varied programming. The 2022 edition will be no exception. We take stock for … Read more

Irma Vep and the “serial” ghosts of cinema. The review of the Olivier Assayas series with Alicia Vikander

Aim (Alicia Vikander), a Swedish actress tired of the usual American blockbusters about superheroes (she could have played a female Silver Surfer), back from a media scandal and a love disappointment, arrives in Paris to star in the remake of a famous French silent film serial, The vampires by Louis Feuilladein the role of the … Read more

Ghosts and ius primae noctis: the myths of the castles of Basilicata

There Basilicata it is a land of incredible historical and natural charm. From the stones of Matera to Christ stopped at Eboli, passing through the cultural ethnology of the Potentine. But those who think of Basilicata often focus on contemporaneity: however in the Middle Ages and in the Modern Age this territory has experienced countless … Read more