First Kill: The reasons behind the cancellation revealed, the showrunner blames marketing

According to Felicia D. Henderson, marketing has never moved beyond the lesbian teen vampire element. Continue to discuss the hasty cancellation of First Kill to Netflixwith fans making accusations of lesbophobia on social networks and those of Heartstopper came out in defense of their show after being targeted for being renewed for two seasons despite … Read more

First Kill

June 10 arrives on Netflix “First Kill”, A teen horror series written and produced by the writer Victoria Schwabbased on his short story contained in the collection Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with fresh bites. The show, which mixes teen drama and horror, is yet another story with Shakespearean tones about the impossible and contrasted … Read more

First Kill : un scénario déjà vu des centaines de fois et une mise en scène sans originalité !

C’est toujours avec beaucoup d’impatience et d’appréhension que les fans de vampires attendent ce type de séries : First Kill, série Netflix disponible depuis ce vendredi 10 juin, allait-elle être enfin la digne héritière tant attendue de Twilight ou de Vampire Diaries ? La promesse était assez alléchante : à Savannah, petite ville communautaire typique … Read more

First Kill: The ages of the actors who play some of your favorite characters on the show

If you’re curious how old the cast of the vampiric series are in real life, just keep reading. First Kill went out on netflix on June 10 and people everywhere immediately stopped doing what they were doing to tune into the vampire series. It didn’t take long for that First Kill climbed up Netflix’s top … Read more

First Kill (Netflix): “It’s so healthy”… What does Sarah Catherine Hook really drink when Juliette drinks blood?

Since the release of First Kill on Netflix, fans are wondering about the new vampire series. Do you know what actress Sarah Catherine Hook actually drinks when Juliet, her character, drinks blood? Here is the answer. The continuation under this advertisement between the exit of Peaky Blinders and D’Intimidationa Spanish series with a star of … Read more

First Kill (Season 1, 8 episodes): vampire love – Series and film reviews, news – Breaking News, it’s overflowing with gossip

There’s something particularly cheesy about First Kill. It reminds me of the WB and MTV teen series in the 2000s. Except that this cornyness is not a criticism, it is even what pushed me to go to the end of this season despite the cancellation of the series. There is nothing new in First Kill … Read more

Netflix cancels First Kill after just one season

Much to the disappointment of the fans and not a few controversies, the Netflix streaming platform suddenly decided to cancel the TV series First Kill after only one season and despite the fairly good results in terms of ratings. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on show news Netflix has announced an unexpected … Read more

Why do they kill priests in the Sierra Tarahumara?

In memory of Javier Campos Morales, El Gallo, and Joaquín César Mora Salazar, El Morita Photo is from El Universal. I first visited the Sierra Tarahumara 15 years ago. I arrived in Rarámuri territory —“those with light feet” in the Tarahumara language— in El Chepe, one of the only three passenger railways that exist in … Read more

First Kill resumen de episodio 1×03 «La primera pelea»

¡Bienvenidas mis queridas vampiras lesbicanarias! ¿O son cazadoras? Bueno, sean del equipo que sean este blog es tierra neutral, así que bajen las armas y prepárense para disfrutar de este resumen del tercer episodio de First Kill. El episodio de esta semana lo empezamos con Calliope soñando con el Edén. Sí, literalmente y ¿adivinan quién … Read more