Lycanthropus: Werewolves and monster hunters debut in the MCU

The first trailer for Werewolf by Night, Marvel’s 2022 “Halloween special”, was shown at D23 in early September. From the first images, it seems clear that Licantropus will bring a breath of fresh air to the MCU, which so much needs innovative proposals both in terms of plot and from the point of view of … Read more

10 monster movies where the monster is the protagonist | Pretty Reel

Hulu’s Prey, released in 2022, marked the return of one of horror’s deadliest monsters. While the main focus was on the film’s Comanche tracker, the film will more than likely be remembered for its armored terror beyond the stars. Monsters are so easy to cast as the antagonist, but how long do viewers forget that … Read more

Every Upcoming (and Canceled) Universal Monster Movie | Pretty Reel

After the success of The Invisible Man in 2020, Universal Pictures is finally gearing up to produce revivals of its classic monster movies. The studio’s roster of iconic creatures, including Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride, Werewolf, Mummy, Invisible Man, and Creature from the Black Lagoon (among others), are some of the most popular horror characters. … Read more

“Monster Families”, the work that explains LGBT+ inclusion to minors

“What made it difficult for us was how to metaphorize trans childhood, frankly. We keep working”. In the world there are diverse families and today we can find that they are made up of mom and dad, single parents or mothers, two dads, two moms or even grandmothers who take care of their grandson as … Read more

Redfall Vampire Guide: Every Monster Revealed So Far

Who are the Redfall vampires? One of the most anticipated games on the 2023 calendar is Redfall, a four-player cooperative first-person shooter. After a failed science experiment floods the fictional town of Redfall with evil vampires who quickly take control of the town, a quartet of unique survivors must band together to repel the bloodthirsty … Read more

From The Mummy to Peter Jackson King Kong: remember the monster

After recalling the era of the Godfather and Scarface tie-ins – here our special on video games based on crime films – we want to take the avenue of memories to talk about another type of transpositions, which also remained etched in the heart. of players during the early 2000s. We refer to the titles … Read more

[Análisis] Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for Nintendo Switch

After a year since its launch and a solid base on the part of its players, both on Nintendo Switch and on PC, Monster Hunter Rise weighs anchor to take us to a mysterious place in their massive new expansion called Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset. This time Capcom leaves aside the Japanese style distilled by … Read more

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the review (Nintendo Switch)

As already happened with Iceborne, Sunbreak is a massive expansion of the original game Monster Hunter Risewhich really adds a huge amount of content, along with new monsters, the now known Master degree (the former G-Rank), tons of customization options for fighting styles and much more. Once again Capcom manages to impress with small and … Read more

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, who are the Three Lords?

Let’s discover the Three Lords, the three unreleased monsters of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion that are inspired by our folklore: Garangolm, Lunagaron and Malzeno. If you’ve read our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review, then you know that the bestiary isn’t one of the biggest – although it will be expanded in the coming … Read more

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, guida per nuovi giocatori

Di solito accompagniamo l’uscita di un nuovo Monster Hunter con una piccola guida per neofiti, spiegando cos’è, perché giocarlo, cosa aspettarsi. La serie Capcom, però, negli ultimi anni è diventata sempre più popolare e Monster Hunter Rise, il primo Monster Hunter veramente nuovo a uscire per Nintendo Switch dopo la parentesi World sulle altre piattaforme, … Read more