The Vampire Diaries: Paul Wesley Almost Didn’t Play Stefan For This Shocking Reason

For eight seasons, fans saw Paul Wesley in the role of Stefan Salvatore, something that was never originally going to happen as the actor almost didn’t play the character for a shocking reason. January 01, 2022 11:29 a.m. transmission chain The CWbroadcast for eight seasons from 2009 to 2017 one of the most iconic and … Read more

The Vampire Diaries: This Ian Somerhalder did to play Damon Salvatore

Before his debut on The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder had to do some work to be able to play the character that would make him famous in his youth. December 14, 2021 7:30 p.m. The Vampire Diaries, became one of the most famous dramas of its time during the year 2009 onwards, since then, it … Read more

The Vampire Diaries: The real actress who was going to play Elena Gilbert

It is true that the actress who played Elena Gilber in The Vampire Diaries was Nina Dobrev, showing a great performance for several seasons. However, she was another star The CW had planned to play the character, but in a turn of events, it didn’t happen for this reason. June 05, 2022 10:06 p.m. The … Read more

You Must Play This “Vampire” Tribute From Maniac Mansion

If we do a poll right now of everyone who lived through the graphic adventure boom of the mid 80s and early 90s to find out which is their favorite, many would say Maniac Mansion without a doubt, because it’s the original, practically the first that Lucasfilm Games has launched as such with its SCUMM … Read more

First Kill: The ages of the actors who play some of your favorite characters on the show

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Love in the Villa: a strange scene to play for Tom Hopper and his wife

Netflix offered its subscribers a romantic comedy with Italian sauce on September 1: “Love in the Villa”. In it, Tom Hopper falls for Kat Graham, but the actor also has scenes with his own wife, Laura Hopper. A true love in Love in the Villa Love always finds a way, such is the promise made … Read more

Nicolas Cage will play Dracula, Internet users are delighted

The actor will play the most famous of vampires in Renfield, a role “he was born to play” according to many online. Nicolas Cage, already persuaded to be a vampire in Kiss me, vampire (Vampire’s Kiss1989) (Image credits: Magellan Pictures) There are theories circulating on the internet that Nicolas Cage is an immortal vampire., following … Read more

¿Qué películas se estrenan en cines? ¡Mira los trailers en RTVE Play!

Desde RTVE Play hemos realizado una colección para que descubras los próximos estrenos con la participación de RTVE. Mira ya el traílers de las películas que llegan de la mano de los mejores directores y que podrás disfrutar próximamente en cines. Pacifiction En la isla de Tahití, en la Polinesia Francesa, el Alto Comisario de la República, De Roller, representante del Estado … Read more

Taika Waititi should not play Hitler! 5 things to know about Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit, available on Disney +, is unclassifiable: is it a hilarious satire of the Third Reich, a pamphlet on the Resistance, or even a fable on maternal love? To know everything about Taika Waititi’s film, it’s here! A literary inspiration After a theatrical release in 2019, Jojo Rabbit can be (re)discovered on Disney+. If … Read more