Thunderbolts: group members revealed at D23 Expo [FOTO]

Lots of news one after the other during the annual event of the D23 Expo including trailers, posters, new announcements and new details revealed, as in the case of Thunderbolts of which the main protagonists have finally been revealed. The cast of Thunderbolts The Marvel Updates fanpage shared a photo of the cast actors, taken … Read more

Blade MCU Timeline Details Revealed During Marvel Movie Casting Call | Pretty Reel

The MCU’s next Blade movie will be set at some point in the past, though details of that time period have yet to be revealed. A cast of Blade hints at the film’s location in the MCU timeline. Expected in November 2023, Blade is part of Disney’s next roadmap for Phase Five of the Marvel … Read more

First Kill: The reasons behind the cancellation revealed, the showrunner blames marketing

According to Felicia D. Henderson, marketing has never moved beyond the lesbian teen vampire element. Continue to discuss the hasty cancellation of First Kill to Netflixwith fans making accusations of lesbophobia on social networks and those of Heartstopper came out in defense of their show after being targeted for being renewed for two seasons despite … Read more

The Vampire Diaries: The truth is revealed after the departure of Jeremy Gilbert’s actor

For years, The Vampire Diaries caused a sensation on The CW screens, which is why many viewers continue to wonder why actor Steve R. McQueen left the vampire drama. February 21, 2022 5:45 p.m. Since September 10, 2009, it was the debut of The Vampire Diariesthe longest-running and most successful vampire series on television screens. … Read more

Redfall Vampire Guide: Every Monster Revealed So Far

Who are the Redfall vampires? One of the most anticipated games on the 2023 calendar is Redfall, a four-player cooperative first-person shooter. After a failed science experiment floods the fictional town of Redfall with evil vampires who quickly take control of the town, a quartet of unique survivors must band together to repel the bloodthirsty … Read more

The celebrities were revealed during the opening of Halloween Horror Nights

This Thursday, several representative entertainment figures walked the usual red carpet for the opening of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and although the endless heat wave felt in Southern California complicated things more than expected, the cloudy sky that greeted us meant that the reporters, located for several hours in an open-air … Read more

All Gotham Knights Villains Revealed So Far, And More That May Appear

Batman could (supposedly) be dead in the next Gotham Knights, but it is, of course, still a game set in the Batman universe. And if there’s one thing we can be sure about any new Batman story, it’s that it’ll give us great villains. The DC property probably has the biggest rogues gallery of any … Read more

Irma Vep: the HBO spy series is revealed in first images

The serial remake ofIrma Vep directed by Olivier Assayas and worn by HBO unveils the new jumpsuit of the iconic femme fatale. If vampire films do not seem to have the coast in Hollywood at the moment, the two productions of Mina Harker and Nosferatu having been arrested indefinitely, organized criminals in the Vampires by … Read more

A beloved hero was revealed as the king of the vampires in a new DC comic

Waiting for the third installment of DCeased and in the prelude to the development of other stories set in alternative versions of the DC Universe such as jurassic league Y DC-Mechduring this week DC Comics presented the sixth number of DC vs Vampiresthe limited series written by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated … Read more

Legacies season 4: a moving return for Klaus in the finale, behind the scenes of the scene revealed

It is at the end of episode 20 of season 4 broadcast this Thursday, June 16, 2022 that Legacies – the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, ended on The CW in the USA. A surprisingly eagerly awaited conclusion of the fans because it staged … the return of Klaus. A short but moving return for … Read more