King Carlos III is linked to vampires, this is the strange reason

The King Charles III inherited the throne of the United Kingdom as the longest-lived monarch in history after her mother’s death, the Queen isabel II, who rheined for 70 years in a row. After the change in the generation of the monarchy, stories related to the royal family have emerged, such as the illegitimate son … Read more

Les 20 meilleurs jeux comme “Life Is Strange” en 2022

Life is Strange jeu d’un genre trs populaire d’histoires interactives. Dans ces jeux, le gameplay n’est pas l’élément le plus important, ce sont vos choix narratifs qui le sont. De nombreuses décisions, si ce n’est la plupart, que vous prenez dans ces jeux ont un impact sur l’intrigue (et donc sur la fin) de … Read more

SKYSHOWTIME lands TODAY in Europe with SERIES like HALO, Vampire Academy, LAW & ORDER, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, American Gigolo, THE RISING, Let Me In + FILMS like Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion, Minions AND MUCH MORE !

The new streaming service SkyShowtime, the platform of streaming joint between Comcast and Paramount Globalofficially launched today September 20, 2022. Its premium offer lands this Tuesday in 4 European countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. On October 25 it will arrive at the Netherlands and Portugal, on October 25. As our team anticipated at the … Read more

Doctor Strange: The Vampiric Verses review. Marvel Heroes 107. Panini Comics.

Welcome to things that make us happy. Today we bring you a bit of mystery and classic terror of Marvel. Doctor Strange: The Vampire Verses. Let’s take a look at this controversial stage of the doctor strangethe Sorcerer Supreme. That’s how I met him as a child. In the Pocket of Aces nº 35 – … Read more

Love in the Villa: a strange scene to play for Tom Hopper and his wife

Netflix offered its subscribers a romantic comedy with Italian sauce on September 1: “Love in the Villa”. In it, Tom Hopper falls for Kat Graham, but the actor also has scenes with his own wife, Laura Hopper. A true love in Love in the Villa Love always finds a way, such is the promise made … Read more

“A strange crime”, the first ska novel in Mexico

“A bizarre crime” has, as its protagonist, ska. Photo: Cuartoscuro. The skamusical genre that was born in Jamaicabut what became massive in Mexico with great exponents like Panteon RococoInspector, The Tremendous Korte, Out of Control Army and more, you already have your first novelwhich will be presented, with great fanfare, this Wednesday September 7 on … Read more

“I have not seen vampires, but I have seen strange things that I cannot explain”

It is an unknown world for most. At the same time as one of the myths with the greatest diffusion and representation in the history of humanity. The phenomenon of vampirism is as old as man, and this is how the journalist defends it Juan Antonio Sanz (Madrid, 1966) who has been studying this issue … Read more

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness what can Marvel Studios learn from the film?

You don’t do $ 200 million market research. You don’t throw films with that budget into the cinema just to probe the interest of your audience to have different tones or to understand if you can insist a little more on violence. However, a production can learn a lot from its past and can make … Read more