Twilight: Bella Swan’s 10 Biggest Fears (Ranked By Fear) | Pretty Reel

News of Taylor Lautner’s recent wedding (via Vogue) has once again brought The Twilight Saga nostalgia back to fans, as they reminisce about their favorite characters and where they are today. Along with Lautner’s Jacob Black, another name topping the list is Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan, the goofy but relatable protagonist whose journey the series … Read more

“Twilight”: the saga that marked an entire generation of adolescents returns

Within the framework of a trend of returns, another saga that returns is “Twilight”, a film adaptation of the novels written by Stephanie Meyer that marked a before and after in the vampire genre and youth literature. 15 years after the premiere of the first installment, and 10 years after the passage in theaters of … Read more

Twilight, The Visitors…10 actors who were replaced during a cinema saga

[ Mis à jour : cet article a été publié le 18 Janvier 2022 et a été mis à jour le 4 Novembre 2022 ] If it regularly happens that actors are recast during a television series, the same phenomenon also occurs in the cinema. The proof with these 10 actors who have been replaced … Read more

Twilight Movie Order: How to Watch Them in Chronological Order

This page was translated using AI and machine learning before being reviewed by a human editor in your native language. (Pocket-lint) – Autumn is the perfect time to sit down and watch movies about vampires and werewolves. The Twilight Saga, which features the two, is actually one of the most popular franchises in history. Based … Read more

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An austere village on top of a hill, surrounded by mighty walls that dominate green valleys, the Val di Cecina and the Val d’Era. Suggestive and impregnable, Volterra, an Etruscan city, owes its fame to its millenary history and to the wonder of its medieval historic centre. But it is also known as the city … Read more

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Published on February 23, 2022 8:00 a.m. By Amandine Rouhaud Between Twilight and The Vampire Diaries your heart swings? Are you a fan of vampire stories but can’t decide which of these two is your favorite? Serieously helps you decide with these few questions. IF THIS QUIZ IS NOT DISPLAYING CORRECTLY ON YOUR PHONE, CLICK … Read more

Before and after Peter Facinelli: the actor who gave life to ‘Carlisle Cullen’ in the ‘Twilight’ saga

By Georgina Bello Robledo Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 11/26/2022 05:00 a.m. It was a day like today but in 1973 when one of the great icons of contemporary and youth cinema was born, it is nothing more and nothing less than the actor Peter Facinelli remembered primarily for his role as the ‘dr. Carlisle Cullen … Read more

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George PimentelGetty Images Although it is practically impossible for us to imagine the protagonists of the saga of Twilight (i.e. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen) with faces other than those of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, it seems that initially the writer of the books dedicated to vampires had other actors in mind for the … Read more

Nosferatu: forget Twilight and Dracula, he is the great vampire movie

Essential master of cinema, author of the eternal masterpiece Dawn, F.W. Murnau had marked the spirits since 1922, with Nosferatu the Vampire. Troublemaker filmmaker Mel Brooks appropriated the myth of Dracula with his Dracula, dead and happy to be, which has become a cult for some. But lovers of fresh blood, those who relish, all … Read more

The best vampire powers of Robert Pattinson in the ‘Twilight’ saga

The vampire protagonist of the saga created by Stephenie Meyer possesses many of the superhuman abilities that this type of fantastic character traditionally possesses, but he also lacks some of them. In 2008, the first novel in the successful saga Twilight of stephenie meyer received a film adaptation that would cause quite a stir with … Read more