King Carlos III is linked to vampires, this is the strange reason

The King Charles III inherited the throne of the United Kingdom as the longest-lived monarch in history after her mother’s death, the Queen isabel II, who rheined for 70 years in a row. After the change in the generation of the monarchy, stories related to the royal family have emerged, such as the illegitimate son … Read more

From 8 to 31 October at the Magicland of Valmontone skeletons, vampires, ghosts, zombies, shows, music and parades are on stage

MagicLand kicks off the most important Halloween event in Central Southern Italy to experience the most monstrous and terrifying event of the year, with a series of shows and initiatives dedicated to young and old! From 8 to 31 October skeletons, zombies, witches, themed shows, thrilling attractions and the inevitable parades will invade MagicLand transforming … Read more

Jay Kristoff: “Vampires allow us to better explore humanity”

Vampires will never go out of style. That is something that Jay Kristoff is very clear about. Therefore, the Australian writer explains to The vanguard that “I will always bet on them. Not just because of taste, but because these creatures allow us to explore many aspects of humanity.” The author has already given the … Read more

Vampires promote blood donation with this exhibition

In Mexico alone, blood donation has decreased by 60% since the start of the pandemic. The main reason is because millions of people are still afraid to approach hospitals and blood banks. In addition to the low figures, the other problem is that the majority of the population does not carry out this practice voluntarily. … Read more

The Morbius review, now on Netflix. A film about vampires unfortunately lifeless

It’s never a good sign when a critic says your film could have been “best summed up in a two-minute trailer”, but alas, that’s the case with the latest Marvel movie “Morbius”. Sony has wanted their cinematic universe so much that they have created “Morbius”, a bad piece of this universe that relies on CGI … Read more

Volterra, city of vampires, between legends and Twilight | Where you travel

An austere village on top of a hill, surrounded by mighty walls that dominate green valleys, the Val di Cecina and the Val d’Era. Suggestive and impregnable, Volterra, an Etruscan city, owes its fame to its millenary history and the wonder of its medieval historic center. But it is also known as the city ​​of … Read more

Of vampires, ghosts and other creatures: Carlos Herrera shares the secrets of literature that always disturbs us

It was May 1816, and the heavy rain outside was an account of the so-called “year without a summer” that clouded the planet due to a violent eruption of a distant volcano in Indonesia. This anomaly was the ideal climate for the emergence of Polidori’s “The Vampire” and the overwhelming “Frankenstein” by the future Mrs. … Read more

Film and TV vampires over the years: Ian Somerhalder, Megan Fox and other Fanged favorites

Fang-tastic. Like flared jeans and chokers, vampires always end up coming back in style. It’s no surprise, especially when Hollywood continues to find such great actors to play them. Megan you stallion revealed she had a thing for vampire TV shows in July 2021, tweeting that she loved Nina Dobrevthe character of Elena Gilbert on … Read more